Tuesday 14 September 2010

Shiffa Sensual Body Oil- Speed Review

Apologies for my silence readers... I've just returned from a girls' holiday, possibly the perfect beauty focus group! Findings from my trip are as follows:
- Normal girls are no longer afraid to experiment with bright nail colours
- Quick routes to glamour, e.g. plaits in hair, are popular
- Long-term skin damage as a result of sun exposure largely remains something which will be worried about later in life
- Natural beauty still has a long way to go in converting those on a budget, although ethical issues such as the inclusion of palm oil do capture the imagination
- Scent plays a huge role in beauty purchasing decisions and we like to play around with products before committing our cash

And so, on with my latest review...
I was sent a bottle of Shiffa Sensual Body Oil which I've been using for approximately a week and I have to say, I'm impressed. This is definitely one for fans of luxurious indulgence and natural products.
The packaging is minimalist yet elegant, with clean lines which I feel suits the brand message.
My one, major complaint would be that it's a pouring bottle and I'd have found a spritzer considerably more practical.
I'm racing through the bottle so to ensure value for money, you may prefer to use this as a treat e.g. after a warming winter bath rather than as a daily moisturiser. Having said that, my skin looks and feels incredibly conditioned and although it's a thick oil, it is fairly easily absorbed.
The scent is somewhat overpowering so if you're not accustomed to the fragrance of pure essential oils (in this case, rose and geranium being the predominant scents), it may not be to your taste, however, for me, it merely added to the indulgence factor. I'm looking forward to discovering more from this brand.

£52 for 100ml at www.shiffa.com

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