Tuesday 12 May 2020

Speed Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Simple is a brand which really seems to have stood the test of time and when you look at the brand formula, it's perhaps unsurprising. The products are affordable and readily available and pitched as being gentle and "kind to skin".

Today's review is of Simple's Hydrating Cleansing Oil. Regular readers will know that my preferred method of cleansing, particularly in the mornings, is using a cleansing oil. As a general rule, I like cleansing oils because I find them to offer gentle yet effective cleansing, whilst having a balancing effect on my combination, acne prone skin. It's great to see that such an affordable and mainstream brand is now offering a cleansing oil and I hope that this product will introduce many to just how good they are as part of an effective skincare regime.

Simple describe Hydrating Cleansing Oil as being for thoroughly clean and touchably soft skin. It is made with 100% natural grapeseed oil and enriched with Vitamin A & E to dissolve impurities and remove makeup, leaving skin deeply clean and well hydrated. It's described as being a gentle, hydrating, soothing and effective way to cleanse and lift away even waterproof makeup without stripping or irritating the skin.

On first impressions, the packaging reflects the affordable price tag. Whilst it's not my favourite, I was drawn to this product for the reasons mentioned above- my curiosity was certainly peaked! I appreciated being able to see how much product was remaining as well as the functionality of the flip top lid. Whilst in no way appropriate for travel, the packaging did allow for controlled dispensing of the oil.

Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil is a colourless and unscented oil (unsurprising, given the brand). I'd describe it as having a medium texture for a cleansing oil- it's not overly rich but nor was it noticeably light either. It's inoffensive and again, in line with the branding, would appeal to most people. I feel that this would be a good introduction to cleansing oils.

Inherently for an oil, it lent itself well to facial massage. On contact with water, it turned into a lightweight milk which was easy to rinse away.

I was impressed with this cleansing oil. I feel that it delivers on the claims. I'd had some irritated skin as a result of a product I tested not agreeing with me and this was the perfect "no nonsense" cleanser to gently cleanse my skin. It felt soothing. I was also impressed at how effective this was at makeup removal- whilst I still needed to use a separate eye makeup remover, it did seem more effective than others I've tried.

My only complaint would be the size of the bottle. It almost feels like a "try me" size (again, a good introduction to cleansing oils!) at just 125ml. I'd like to see this offered in a larger size as well, in a similar way to how Garnier present their cleansing water in different sizing options. I feel that the price tag of £6.99 is excessive given the size, despite enjoying the product, but Simple is often on offer so I'd recommend keeping an eye out for deals and giving it a try then.

Monday 11 May 2020

Speed Review: Davines Dede Conditioner

I'm not sure if I've ever reviewed a Davines product on here before. It's a brand which I've often admired from a distance but with which I don't claim to be overly familiar. To provide a bit of background, Davines is an Italian brand, predominately producing haircare products, which started in 1983 as a family company (spa brand [comfort zone] are part of the same group). They have a long-time focus upon sustainability which adds an authenticity in a marketplace where many are only just starting to mention green credentials.

I've recently been using Davines Dede Conditioner, which is aimed at those with medium to fine textured hair and for frequent shampooing. I'd say that I fall into both of those categories- my hair is fine and as such, needs to be washed fairly frequently. Davines describe Dede Conditioner as having a light and moisturising formulation, designed to untangle hair and leave it soft and light, without weighing it down.

On first impressions, my attention was captured by the unusual plastic tub presentation. The packaging is effortlessly cool, in keeping with the brand image and I was happy to have it on display in my bathroom. What's more, as the packaging is transparent, I liked that I was able to see how much product was remaining.

Davines Dede Conditioner has a thick cream texture, perhaps a little surprising given that it's aimed at those with fine hair. I found the tub presentation made usage rather messy- whilst the flip top lid is fairly watertight, it was awkward having to scoop out the product using my hands. That said, I though that the presentation was well suited to the thick texture of the product and I didn't have any issues with wastage. A little goes a long way.

Despite the thick texture, I found it easy to work the conditioner through my hair. Furthermore, it was effortless to rinse out. Again, perhaps surprising given the thick texture.

I found the scent to be highly perfumed during use but I wasn't able to detect this once my hair had been dried and styled. Following use, my hair was left smoothed, with frizz diminished. It was manageable and as per the company's claims, my fine hair wasn't weighed down.

Overall, I enjoyed using this product. The price tag reflects the luxury branding at £18.60 for 250ml but I also feel that it's a good quality conditioner.


Friday 3 April 2020

Speed Review: Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter

I'm a long time fan of Soap and Glory and think they're hard to beat when it comes to affordable body care but l must confess that I'm a bit out of the loop on their latest launches- the range is so big now that it's hard to keep up! Today's review is of an old favourite, Whipped Clean Shower Butter, which I've recently revisited.

Described as a shower gel and moisturiser in one, Whipped Clean Shower Butter is made up of 25% moisture oils and butters including sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa & shea butters.

On first impressions, both the packaging and the concept appealed to me. I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to body moisturiser but my parched skin does need something to prevent me resembling a lizard! The tube design is in keeping with Soap & Glory's branding- it's instantly recognisable thanks to the pink colour scheme (the wall of pink in my local Boots store always appeals to me!) and retro imagery. I found the tube functional and it allowed for easy dispensing of the thick cream product, however, the only downside was that it was difficult to dispense when I was nearly finished the tube and therefore, I'd recommend cutting the tube open to obtain every last drop and avoid wastage.

As tends to be the case with Soap and Glory products, the scent was incredible. The brand describe it as pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. It reminded me of birthday cake scented products but I didn't personally find it too sickly sweet. I wasn't able to detect the fragrance on my skin following use so there was no interference with my other products, such as perfume.

I was able to work the thick cream into a rich, creamy lather and found that it lent itself particularly well to shaving legs.

Although no residue was left on my skin, I was just about able to forgo moisturiser as my skin was left feeling nourished and softened.

I really enjoyed using Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter and would definitely consider repurchasing.

Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter costs £7 for 250ml.


Saturday 21 March 2020

Speed Review: DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

DHC Pore Cleansing Oil

It'll come as no surprise to long-time followers of Skin Deep that the subject of today's review is DHC's Pore Cleansing Oil. For those that don't know, cleansing with an oil is my preferred way of cleaning my face and my all time favourite is the cult DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. As such, whilst I don't have any major concerns about pores, I was excited to see what the brand's other cleansing oil offering was like.

DHC describe Pore Cleansing Oil as, "Oily skin has met its match. Pore Cleansing Oil works on the scientific premise that "like attracts like"- its nourishing oils bind with sebum, unclog pores and remove all traces of stubborn makeup. Calendula flower soothes, while a blend of citrus extracts helps to tone and brighten skin. Your complexion is left balanced, soft and revitalised."

I like their description and completely agree that those with oily skin (I'd describe mine as combination) shouldn't fear oils for the very reason DHC describe, explaining that applying oils to oily skin actually has a balancing effect.

On first impressions, the packaging isn't the most exciting but the minimalist feel is in line with DHC's branding. A plastic bottle is presented in an outer box with the same design. It features a functional pump (just one pump released sufficient product to cover my entire face- a little goes a long way!), helping to avoid wastage. I'd have preferred if the bottle were transparent so as to be able to see how much product was remaining but appreciate that the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is in a transparent bottle & that this needs to be differentiated.

DHC Pore Cleansing Oil had a gel-like texture, much more so than any cleansing oil I've tried previously and for this reason it might be a good introduction to oils or choice for those who are wary of cleansing oils feeling greasy. Nonetheless, it was easy to work into my skin. The scent was pleasant. I'd describe it as fresh citrus with a slight medicinal hint to it too.

The cleanser turned into a lightweight milk upon contact with water and had average rinsability. Whilst I felt that it was effective in cleaning my skin, I did need to use a separate eye makeup remover to get rid of all traces of makeup. I can't say that I noticed any particular difference to my pores but as I mentioned at the beginning, that's not a huge concern of mine. For me personally, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil remains my preferred option and given that it's suitable for all skin types, would be the one I'd recommend.

DHC Pore Cleansing Oil costs £23 for 150ml.
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