Friday 3 April 2020

Speed Review: Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter

I'm a long time fan of Soap and Glory and think they're hard to beat when it comes to affordable body care but l must confess that I'm a bit out of the loop on their latest launches- the range is so big now that it's hard to keep up! Today's review is of an old favourite, Whipped Clean Shower Butter, which I've recently revisited.

Described as a shower gel and moisturiser in one, Whipped Clean Shower Butter is made up of 25% moisture oils and butters including sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil and cocoa & shea butters.

On first impressions, both the packaging and the concept appealed to me. I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to body moisturiser but my parched skin does need something to prevent me resembling a lizard! The tube design is in keeping with Soap & Glory's branding- it's instantly recognisable thanks to the pink colour scheme (the wall of pink in my local Boots store always appeals to me!) and retro imagery. I found the tube functional and it allowed for easy dispensing of the thick cream product, however, the only downside was that it was difficult to dispense when I was nearly finished the tube and therefore, I'd recommend cutting the tube open to obtain every last drop and avoid wastage.

As tends to be the case with Soap and Glory products, the scent was incredible. The brand describe it as pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla. It reminded me of birthday cake scented products but I didn't personally find it too sickly sweet. I wasn't able to detect the fragrance on my skin following use so there was no interference with my other products, such as perfume.

I was able to work the thick cream into a rich, creamy lather and found that it lent itself particularly well to shaving legs.

Although no residue was left on my skin, I was just about able to forgo moisturiser as my skin was left feeling nourished and softened.

I really enjoyed using Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter and would definitely consider repurchasing.

Soap and Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter costs £7 for 250ml.

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