Monday 26 March 2018

Speed Review: Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three

Believe it or not, I don't think that I have ever previously reviewed a Paul Mitchell product here on Skin Deep. Clarifying shampoo isn't a product that I switch up that often as I tend to stick with a bottle until it's finished, and given that I only use a clarifying shampoo once a week (as part of my Sunday pampering routine, followed by a hair mask), it takes a while to finish a bottle! 

Paul Mitchell offer a couple of clarifying shampoos- one is aimed at oily hair whereas this one, called Shampoo Three, is designed to remove chlorine (including helping to prevent swimmers "chlorine green" tint), iron and minerals. The company claims that it removes dulling build up from hair, strengthens strands and minimises future build up. 

On first impressions, I liked the sleek, modern bottle. The packaging and the name both reiterate the salon branding and its clearly marked as a clarifying shampoo. I'd have preferred if the packaging was transparent in order to tell how much product was remaining. 

The directions were clear and easy to follow. I was surprised to note that it can be used daily, unusual for a clarifying shampoo. This gave me the expectation that it would be a gentle shampoo. The bottle has a functional flip top dispenser. 

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three is a thick, clear gel with a subtle green tint. It didn't have much of a fragrance to speak of- it simply smelt fresh & clean. I wasn't able to detect any scent in my hair once it had been dried and styled. 

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three produces a generous lather, which means that a little goes a long way. Inherently for a shampoo, I found it easy to rinse out. 

Following use, my hair felt wonderfully clean. I was impressed that the Clarifying Shampoo didn't irritate my sensitive scalp. Overall, I was impressed with Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three and would recommend it. I also feel that it offers good value for money and like that it is available in a range of sizes, starting at £5.50 for 100ml.


Monday 19 March 2018

Speed Review: Time Bomb Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil

Time Bomb is never a brand which immediately springs to mind when it comes to shopping for beauty products but I've actually been pretty pleased with those items that I have tried from the company. Regular readers will know that I love using cleansing oils so I was excited to see that Time Bomb had introduced one, Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil.

Time Bomb describe Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil as perfect for nighttime use as it delicately removes makeup, even around the eyes and the lightweight oil-based formula gently cleanses skin dissolving dirt & grime, washing off for calm and pristine clean skin. They state that it is ideal for all skin types. It contains a blend of grape seed, sunflower and safflower oils along with coconut oil, which they say is known for its powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Clearly, Time Bomb are tapping into the trend towards coconut oil and whilst I personally avoid using pure coconut oil on my face because of fears that the rich formula will clog my acne-prone skin, I was willing to give Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil a go thanks to it being a blended product.

The packaging is simple but I quite liked the design and was happy to have it on display in my bathroom. I appreciated the convenience of the pump dispenser (just a few pumps provided sufficient product to cover my entire face) but I'd have preferred a transparent bottle to enable me to see how much of the cleansing oil was remaining.

As the name suggests, Time Bomb Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil has a coconut fragrance. If you don't like the scent of coconuts then this product won't be for you but personally, I liked it and it made me think of tropical holidays.

The cleansing oil has a lightweight silky texture and as tends to be the case with cleansing oils, lent itself well to facial massage.

It is a clear oil which easily emulsified on contact with water, turning to a lightweight milk which was easy to rinse away. I found that it effectively cleansed my skin although I did need to use a separate eye makeup remover to get rid of traces of stubborn mascara (I don't wear waterproof mascara).

At £25 for 175ml, I do feel that Time Bomb Peace & Quiet Coconut Cleansing Oil is a pricey option and is a tad overpriced for the quantity but that said, I did enjoy using it.


Thursday 8 March 2018

Speed Review: Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Wash

Believe it or not, I don't think I've ever previously reviewed a Dr Hauschka product before on Skin Deep, which surprised me because I've long admired the natural brand.
I've recently been using Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Wash which I decided to try after experiencing some irritating dry skin on my body. The body wash is described as a gentle, soap-free body cleanser with a delicate calming almond scent that gently cleanses and moisturises the skin.

On first impressions, the packaging is minimalist and not the most eye catching. That said, it's not offensive and is in keeping with the "pure" brand message. Much of the writing on the plastic bottle is in German but I appreciated the inclusion of a best before date. The flip top lid is functional but I'd have preferred if the bottle was transparent to enable me to see how much product was remaining.

Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Wash has a milky texture which I was able to work into a gentle lather (a bath puff would no doubt help with this). I enjoyed the scent which reminded me of baby powder and was clean, comforting and nostalgic. That said, I couldn't detect the fragrance on my skin following use. I'd agree with the "soothing" claims and following use, my skin felt gently yet effectively cleansed but not stripped.

Overall, I enjoyed using Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Wash and whilst it's relatively pricey at £14 for 200ml, I'd recommend it particularly if you suffer from dry skin.


Thursday 1 March 2018

Speed Review: Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask

When I first heard about the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask, I was intrigued. I imagined that it would be deeply cleansing thanks to the mud element and not compromise on volume, unlike some masks which can weigh my fine hair down, but I didn't expect it to be particularly nourishing. It captured my attention because, as far as I'm aware, such a concept is rare for a high street brand. The only other mud based hair masks which spring to mind are the Espa Pink Hair and Scalp Mud and Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud (which I reviewed here all the way back in 2011).

Lee Stafford was said to have been inspired by the renowned benefits of the Dead Sea and designed the Sea Salt Mud Mask to be packed full of the minerals, salts and algae found there. The mask is intended to enrich, soften, moisturise and deeply cleanse the hair and scalp.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask is presented in the brand's signature bright pink packaging which is unashamedly girlie but equally, it's distinctive, stands out on a shop shelf and is in keeping with the brand image- it's fun and affordable. That said, as the mask has been designed as something special and a bit of a standout product, I'd potentially have liked to see alternative packaging for it. Furthermore, I'm not a fan of the tub packaging, which I found messy, and would have preferred the convenience and functionality of a tube. That said, the directions were clear and easy to follow and I appreciated the inclusion of Lee's top tip to gain optimal benefits from the product.

In terms of usage, the fact that Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask gets to work in just five minutes appealed to me. The directions do recommend using together with the shampoo and conditioner from the same range but I didn't do this, preferring to stay true to my usual Sunday pampering routine in order to ensure a fair test.

The appearance and thick texture live up to the "mud mask" name. It's akin to a clay based facial mask. The directions don't state how much product to use so I applied a generous amount to cover my hair and scalp. (I'd normally focus a hair mask onto the lengths of my hair and apply any remaining product to my roots to avoid weighing down but the description specifically notes that the mask is beneficial for the scalp). It was easy to work through my hair and felt silky as I massaged the product in.

I really wasn't a fan of the scent, which I found to be quite overpowering and synthetic- it reminded me of cleaning products! I noticed that it lingered, albeit delicately, even after I'd dried and styled my hair.

Owing to the texture, I expected Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask to be difficult to rinse out and I wasn't wrong as it took a little effort.

Following use, my hair looked shiny and healthy, and whilst it wasn't noticeably softened, it felt clean. I was impressed to note that my hair wasn't weighed down (despite having applied a generous amount to my roots) and if anything, looked thickened. Furthermore, it didn't irritate my sensitive scalp. I'd recommend this mask to anyone with fine hair looking to create texture.

At £10.99 for 200ml, I do feel that this is slightly overpriced but the brand is regularly on offer in Boots so if you'd like to try it, I'd suggest waiting until they run a promotion.
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