Thursday 1 March 2018

Speed Review: Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask

When I first heard about the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask, I was intrigued. I imagined that it would be deeply cleansing thanks to the mud element and not compromise on volume, unlike some masks which can weigh my fine hair down, but I didn't expect it to be particularly nourishing. It captured my attention because, as far as I'm aware, such a concept is rare for a high street brand. The only other mud based hair masks which spring to mind are the Espa Pink Hair and Scalp Mud and Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Conditioning Scalp Mud (which I reviewed here all the way back in 2011).

Lee Stafford was said to have been inspired by the renowned benefits of the Dead Sea and designed the Sea Salt Mud Mask to be packed full of the minerals, salts and algae found there. The mask is intended to enrich, soften, moisturise and deeply cleanse the hair and scalp.

Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask is presented in the brand's signature bright pink packaging which is unashamedly girlie but equally, it's distinctive, stands out on a shop shelf and is in keeping with the brand image- it's fun and affordable. That said, as the mask has been designed as something special and a bit of a standout product, I'd potentially have liked to see alternative packaging for it. Furthermore, I'm not a fan of the tub packaging, which I found messy, and would have preferred the convenience and functionality of a tube. That said, the directions were clear and easy to follow and I appreciated the inclusion of Lee's top tip to gain optimal benefits from the product.

In terms of usage, the fact that Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask gets to work in just five minutes appealed to me. The directions do recommend using together with the shampoo and conditioner from the same range but I didn't do this, preferring to stay true to my usual Sunday pampering routine in order to ensure a fair test.

The appearance and thick texture live up to the "mud mask" name. It's akin to a clay based facial mask. The directions don't state how much product to use so I applied a generous amount to cover my hair and scalp. (I'd normally focus a hair mask onto the lengths of my hair and apply any remaining product to my roots to avoid weighing down but the description specifically notes that the mask is beneficial for the scalp). It was easy to work through my hair and felt silky as I massaged the product in.

I really wasn't a fan of the scent, which I found to be quite overpowering and synthetic- it reminded me of cleaning products! I noticed that it lingered, albeit delicately, even after I'd dried and styled my hair.

Owing to the texture, I expected Lee Stafford Sea Salt Mud Mask to be difficult to rinse out and I wasn't wrong as it took a little effort.

Following use, my hair looked shiny and healthy, and whilst it wasn't noticeably softened, it felt clean. I was impressed to note that my hair wasn't weighed down (despite having applied a generous amount to my roots) and if anything, looked thickened. Furthermore, it didn't irritate my sensitive scalp. I'd recommend this mask to anyone with fine hair looking to create texture.

At £10.99 for 200ml, I do feel that this is slightly overpriced but the brand is regularly on offer in Boots so if you'd like to try it, I'd suggest waiting until they run a promotion.

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