Saturday 29 October 2011

Speed Review: Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub

Following on from my news post about Origins' new tote earlier this week, I thought it would be a nice idea to review one of their products. Step forward: Incredible Spreadable Scrub.
Firstly, I have to comment on the packaging and commend Origins on producing this in both tub and tube formats.
I really liked the butter-like texture of this. The granules of salt make it a satisfyingly rough scrub. It's effective but the Macadamia, Soybean, Kukui Nut and Sweet Almond oils in the formula prevent it from feeling harsh.
The scent is warm & spicy but not overwhelmingly so and has a hint of citrus, perfect for this time of year. It lingered delicately on my skin afterwards. It's easy to see why the Origins Ginger range, which this is part of, is so loved.
I really liked that the oils penetrated my skin so that it felt wonderfully nourished. I didn't need to apply any moisturiser afterwards, making this a great time saver.
At £22 for 250ml, it's at the pricer end of the scale, however, a little goes a long way.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Origins Exclusive Harrods Tote Bag

To celebrate the new Origins beauty counter in Harrods' Beauty Apothecary, the brands have collaborated to create an exclusive tote bag featuring a design by Marigay McKee, Fashion & Beauty Director at Harrods.



The tote stays true to Origins' eco credentials and not only by it's nature as a cute reusable shopping bag. For every bag sold, Origins have pledged to plant a tree in partnership with the American Forests Global ReLeaf Program.
The Origins Tote Bag costs £15 exclusively at Harrods.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Speed Review: Good Things Total Wipeout Face Wipes

Regular readers will know that I disapprove of face wipes. I just about concede that they serve a purpose when you're tired/ drunk/ both and are better than nothing but I certainly don't advocate their use on a regular basis. With this in mind, today's review of Good Things Total Wipeout Face Wipes may come as a surprise.

Good Things skincare has been developed by beauty journalist Alice Hart- Davis and is based on her years of experience. I can vouch for how well-regarded Alice is in the industry. She definitely knows what she's talking about. Each product utilises the power of superfruits for effective skincare benefits and everything in the range is free from nasties such as SLS, parabens and mineral oils. The quality of the products is fantastic, particularly when you consider that all of the prices are under £10.

I love the packaging of Good Things skincare with its cute swirly design and bright fonts which hint at the superfruit ingredients. This is carried through on the packaging of Total Wipeout Face Wipes. My only complaint is that there's just a resealable sticker, whereas I tend to prefer a click closure to maintain freshness.

The wipes themselves are nice and damp so not only are they refreshing to use but it also feels as though they are lifting off makeup rather than simply moving it around your face. The wipes contain raspberry and cranberry extracts and the scent, which is exactly like berry yoghurt, reiterates this.
I love how gentle these feel on the skin. Even the fabric of the wipes feels softer than others I've tried, with no roughness. What's more, they're biodegradable so unlike most wipes, won't add to landfill problems.

I can't believe the price of these at just £3.49 for a pack of 25 wipes. They feel far more luxurious.
These are by far the best face wipes I've come across. They're still wipes so I'm not going to go so far as to recommend them but if you are looking to buy some, these are the ones to go for.

Monday 24 October 2011

Speed Review: Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus & Ginger Body Scrub

Brrrr.... isn't it cold? The temperatures seem to have dropped dramatically in the last week and the change in seasons is definitely upon us. I really hate winter. I wouldn't mind if it lasted approximately 2 weeks so I could enjoy my Autumn Winter wardrobe of cozy knits but anything longer just makes me want to hibernate.
What I do like however, is Molton Brown. As regular readers have probably guessed by now, I'm also a fan of body scrubs so combine all of the above and you get today's review: Molton Brown's Warming Eucalyptus & Ginger Body Scrub.

As tends to be the case with Molton Brown, the packaging is sleek and desirable. I like the bold colour and the weightiness adds a sense of luxury. Having said this, it is in a tub. I know I bang on about this but I really don't like scrubs to be presented in a tub format. The formula of this scrub would lend itself particularly well to a tube packaging- there's a lot of liquid in the tub and you have to stir the scrub to mix it before applying- so I simply can't understand why they haven't opted for this presentation. I wouldn't mind this quite so much if a spatula had been provided but it hasn't so it's just messy and unhygenic.
However, one of the positives of the tub format is that when you unscrew the lid, you're hit with an incredible eucalyptus scent and this continues to be the case as you use the product. In fact, I can see myself reaching for this when suffering from a winter cold.
It's a very granular scrub, packed with sea salt for effective exfoliation. Yet the exfoliation almost seems secondary as this is such an incredible sensory treatment. The scrub self-heats on application which is comforting and perfect for winter. You really feel as though you are doing your body some good when using this- the scents are invigorating and the essential oils really seemed to help soothe my aching muscles. I can see how this would be popular to both men and women alike. In fact, I may have to hide my tub from Mr. Skin Deep...
As it contains ginger, it also boosts the circulation and I feel that this would be a good detox treatment come January.
In terms of the scrub benefits, my skin was left smooth and feeling nourished although I still needed to apply lotion as I didn't find the oils sufficiently moisturising.
I'll still hate winter but this product will definitely make it more bearable. As a fab pick-me-up, this is my winter must-have. It's easy to see why this is a bestseller. At £28.50 for 300g, it's pricey but worth every penny. Everyone should go out and buy a tub.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Speed Review: Living Nature Nourishing Conditioner

I'm always looking for ways to make my beauty regime more natural and haircare is undoubtedly one of the most difficult areas in which to do this. With this in mind, I was excited to try Living Nature's Nourishing Conditioner.
The 100% natural brand hails from New Zealand and although I'd heard of it before, I wasn't familiar with the range. During the course of my research I was impressed to note how extensive the range is, with over 120 products. I really like the concept. The products are inspired by native plants from New Zealand, which due to its unique geographical location is home to 85% plants found nowhere else on earth.

Living Nature Nourishing Conditioner contains Active Manuka Honey and Larch Tree Extract to moisturise.
The packaging isn't much to look at- it's a little basic for my liking and frankly, feels a little cheap but it's functional nonetheless with a handy flip top lid for easy dispensing.
I liked the creamy yet lightweight texture of this which meant that it was easy to apply evenly. The scent is quite a strong, botanical fragrance which I suspect would be offputting to many. Having said this, I couldn't detect it once my hair was dry.
My big problem with this is that I found it incredibly difficult to rinse out and even when I was sure it must have washed out, I could still feel a residue in my hair once dried and styled.
I wanted to give this a fair test so stuck with it for as long as I could bear but sadly, it just wasn't for me and I couldn't wait to end the trial. At over £10 for 200ml, I find this overpriced and feel that you'd be better off investing elsewhere. However, I still feel that their skincare might be quite good so perhaps worth checking out if you did want to try this brand. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Elemis Fresh Skin

Brit spa brand, Elemis is one of  my all-time favourite beauty brands. In fact, I love their Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt so much that I panic slightly when I start running low. Although I still like it, I'm less obsessed with their skincare but I know it's hugely popular, particularly the bestselling Pro-Collagen Marine Cream which mother Skin Deep and many of my fellow beauty writers swear by. I always sit up and listen whenever they have a new launch and the introduction of their Fresh Skin range caught my attention earlier this year. Aimed at teens to early twenties, Fresh Skin is the more affordable younger-sister to Elemis' mainline. I'm not exactly in their target market but I was keen to try out some of the products nonetheless. The bright pink, fun packaging is appealing and I love the concept of introducing good skincare habits at an early age.

Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash
I normally prefer chemical rather than physical exfoliants but I enjoyed trying this product. I think most people expect an exfoliator to include some sort of physical buffer so I don't feel that a chemical exfoliant would prove popular for this range, it simply remains too niche. The granules provide a very gentle scrub which left my skin feeling softened but not stripped.

I absolutely loved the fresh grapefruit scent, ideal for adding a touch of sunshine into your morning regime. Plus, the tube packaging is functional.
I feel that £12 is a fair price for this product, which is going to last quite a long time.

Make-up Away Cleansing Wipes
As a general rule, I'm not a fan of cleansing wipes but recognise that they serve a purpose. For this reason, I'm divided in my thoughts on the inclusion of wipes within the Elemis range- I think it's realistic to acknowledge that they're a popular option for many & in keeping with the late nights, etc. that this age range are likely to be experiencing but if the idea behind Fresh Skin is to encourage good skincare habits from an early age, then I'm not sure I agree with the inclusion.
At £8, the wipes are more expensive that your average high street offering but on a par with other young skin ranges such as Face Boutique. I think the ingredients are slightly more gentle than your standard wipes but I didn't find these particularly luxurious to use. Also, they felt drier upon removing from the packet than other wipes I've tried, resulting in less of a freshened feeling.

Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm
I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a popular product with those not in the key target market. After all, you can get lipbalms for a lot less than £8 which I think are more likely to appeal to teens, yet this is a nice way to experience the quality that Elemis offers without the usual price tag.
I like the packaging- I always prefer lip balms that you don't need to apply with your finger for hygiene reasons. It's a buttery texture which feels comfortable on the lips and has a slight mint hint.

Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask
Three sachets of Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask are presented along with three sachets of Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask in a handy duo pack. I like the idea of this as there are times when you want a moisture mask and others when only a purifying one will do- this kit allows you to try both without a bit financial outlay (and is anyone else thinking stocking stuffers here?!) It's also a fun treat idea for sleepovers but I'd like the option to buy full sized tubes as well.
Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask is ideal for morning-after, dehydrated skin. It feels soothing and conditioning and the creamy formula encourages a massage technique when rinsing off. I was definitely able to detect the scent of almond oil, which I personally found very pleasant.

Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask
As aforementioned, this comes in a set with the sachets of Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask. It costs £15 for a box of six sachets. Now, it's been years since I bought a face mask in an individual sachet format so I'm not entirely sure how this compares although £2.50 does seem pretty pricey per use compared to the value for money benefits of a tube (assuming you finish the tube). Having said this, I did feel that I was putting a quality product on my face.
I liked that it felt cooling upon application and I especially liked that, unlike many clay masks, it didn't have exfoliating granules making it feel surprisingly smooth to apply & gentle. As you might expect, it's dark grey colour and as tends to be the case with clay based masks, wasn't the easiest to remove. I was impressed that it didn't dry out my skin but left it feeling soft.

Overall, based on the products I've tried I feel that this is a fab introductory skincare range. It stays true to the Elemis brand by offering quality, desirable products which feel pampering to use. My top picks? The scrub and the masks.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Speed Review: Palmer's Daily Facial Skincare

In the summer, Drugstore brand Palmer's, of cocoa butter fame, launched a new Daily Facial Skincare range. I tend to rate their body products quite highly (the cocoa butter body oil is a good everyday option if you're on a budget) so I was eager to try out the skincare.

Although I always say that you should try to spend the most you can afford to on skincare, I tried to keep an open mind when testing the range. After all, Creme de la Mer is not within everyone's budget and the vast majority of people do pick up their skincare items on the High Street.

First up, I tried the Daily Cleansing Gel. On first impressions, it wasn't bad. Nothing special but a rinse off, lightly lathering gel to clean your face on a daily basis, job done. I liked the functional packaging, with a handy pump dispenser. However, I simply couldn't get passed the scent of this- it really reminded me of fish & chip batter, not something I wish to put on my face & so I gave up. Looking at the list of ingredients and not being surprised to see Sodium Laureth Sulfate listed second was the confirmation I needed not to continue with this as SLS is not something which tends to agree with my sensitive skin.

I had more luck with the Facial Scrub. This also contains "nasties" but given that a facial scrub is used less regularly than cleanser, I found it easier to overlook. Again, the packaging is functional- this time in a tube with flip top lid. I had anticipated a chocolatey scent but it's surprisingly fresh. I really liked the texture, despite generally veering away from physical exfoliants. The grains are effective without being abrasive and in the perfect concentration in my opinion, although it might not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin. Although ground walnut shell seems to make up the majority of the exfoliant, it seems well considered in terms of the brand that there's the inclusion of (slightly larger) ground cocoa beans also and I've tried to capture this in my photo.

Although I personally wasn't wowed by the products I tried (I still rate their budget bodycare though!), I do feel that the facial scrub in particular offers good value for money at £5.95 for 150g. Have you tried the Palmer's Daily Facial Skincare range as yet?

Monday 17 October 2011

Speed Review: Accessorize Picture Perfect Long Lasting Foundation

Wow, what a week- sorry for my silence readers. On with today's post...
I'm a big fan of Accessorize. I find it odd that there's not really any other shop like it on the High Street, offering affordable, trend-led accessories. Having said this, I wouldn't think to buy foundation from Accessorize but I was recently sent a parcel of products from the makeup line to try.
My first impression was how pretty the packaging is. Admittedly, you can tell it's budget but it's functional nonetheless and I like the fun, whimsical design.

The foundation itself has quite a thick creamy formula that almost has a waxy quality. I found it smooth to apply albeit a little difficult to blend. I found there to be quite strong yellow undertones to the shade I was sent but it was a pretty good colour match. It's available in five shades: Sandcastle, Soft Fawn, Warm Honey, Wheat & Biscuit so not a particularly extensive range.

For me, the finish is quite "done" so it's not one for those who like a very natural finish. I found the coverage to be medium and I could feel it on my skin which might be due to the inclusion of SPF20. I liked the dewy finish it gave my complexion and I was impressed with the lasting results.
I'd definitely recommend checking this out if you're looking for a new foundation on a budget. It costs £8 which I feel is a fair price.
On a final note, I was also sent the Collagen Mascara. I love discovering a fab new mascara and when I clapped eyes on this one, in its bright pink Union Jack packagaing, I had high expectations so I was really disappointed with the results which barely made any difference to my lashes.

Saturday 8 October 2011

Speed Review: Espa Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

I have to admit that eye make-up remover is not exactly a product which I get excited about. I want it to do the job of easily removing my often-dramatic eye makeup but other than that, I give it very little thought. For me, it's not a luxury item and certainly not one which I want to spend a great deal of money on. This year, I've mostly been using a liquid eye make-up remover from Amie Skincare which I've found to be gentle and effective whilst offering value for money. However, I've recently finished the last drop and decided to crack open the rather more grown-up Espa Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover which has been sitting in my "to try" box.

I haven't tried a great deal of products from spa brand, Espa but I have really enjoyed those which I have had the pleasure of using. As with all of Espa's products, the packaging of Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover is luxurious with a nod towards the spa heritage for which they are known. Opening the maroon box, the frosted glass bottle with stone inspired lid feels weighty and expensive. Appearance wise, it's far more impressive than the packaging of any other eye makeup remover I've tried previously. Personally, I'd prefer a different format to the screw top.
The Eye Make-Up Remover itself is a lightweight lotion which needs to be dispensed onto damp cotton wool, placed on the eyelids and then swept away.
I don't wear waterproof mascara so I can't comment on Espa Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover's effectiveness at removing it although I did find it to be effective at removing my heavy, smoky eye makeup. I only needed to use the smallest amount so I feel that the bottle will last quite some time. Having said this, I did need to sweep the cotton pad over my eyes quite a few times to remove every trace (although I didnt need to apply any more product to the pad). I felt that it was dissolving and loosening the makeup rather than removing in one clean sweep as is usually the case with my liquid based remover and found it to be a bit of a faff. This might put me off using it again as quick, convenient products are important to me.
In terms of the gentle claims, I feel that I'm in a good position to comment on this as I've recently suffered from a bout of eczema on my eyelids and although (touch wood) it's cleared up, I'm remaining cautious about using anything which may set off another flare up. Combining aromatherapy ingredients including pure essential oils of Bulgarian Rose Otto (which has the addded benefit of providing a pleasant fragrance) and Benzoin for their balancing and soothing properties, I found it lived up to the gentle claims although I'd prefer a more natural product (for example, this contains parabens). In particular, I liked the cooling, soothing sensation of placing the damp cotton wool pads onto my eyelids. One word of warning- my cotton wool pad was quite saturated on my first use and some of the product trickled into my eye which made it sting like crazy!
At £20 for 100ml, I'm not convinced that I'd pay this much for the product when I prefer the convenience of a liquid eye make up remover which I can pick up far more cheaply. However, I really liked the formula and it's definitely made me want to check out their skincare range- if I'm going to invest, I'd rather it be in a cleanser or moisturiser.

Friday 7 October 2011

This week I'm loving....

...this fabulous lipbalm which a friend picked up on a recent visit to the USA. My only thought- shouldn't it be sour grape flavour rather than sour apple?!


Thursday 6 October 2011

Speed Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

Following my recent review of Nude's Replenishing Night Oil, the lovely Discovering Beauty posted a question asking for my recommendations on night time products to which I responded that I had 3 favourites. Each of the favourites has different qualities and the first one I wanted to share with you is Estee Lauder's infamous Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex.

As a general rule, I tend to shy away from the mid-level, big advertiser brands when it comes to skincare but I honestly feel that this lives up to the hype. As an aside, special mention also goes to Clarins who appear to be investing heavily in their skincare at the moment, with their (admittedly pricey) HydraQuench serum being one of my favourites this year.
Anyway, back to Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex. Although the brown bottle isn't much to look out, it does reiterate the scientific research behind this product, as does the handy pipette dispenser. As you might expect, the serum formula is lightweight. It's quite a liquid serum which encourages a massage application to ensure it's fully absorbed. I don't particularly like the scent of the serum but once absorbed into the skin, I personally don't find that it bothers me.
What I really like about Advanced Night Repair is that you only need to use a little to cover the entire face and gain noticeable results. I've had my bottle for ages and there's still plenty left.
I like to use this when I'm seeking regenerating benefits, be it anti-aging, post-sun exposure or if I'm suffering from a breakout. It's not going to work miracles but I do feel that the reparative benefits live up to the "Advanced" name and I can always see a difference in my skin the next morning and the more I use it, the better the results. Whilst everyone's skin is different, I don't find that this irritates my sensitive skin.
Yes, it's pricey at £54 for 50ml but this award winning night treatment is worth the investment in my opinion.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

The Body Shop collaborates with Tamara Mellon

Always lusted after Jimmy Choo accessories but found them to be a little out of your price range? Well now you can invest in a Tamara Mellon design for less than a fiver, whilst doing good. The founder of Jimmy Choo and all-round multi-tasking, immaculately groomed businesswoman has exclusively designed a limited edition "bag for life" in collaboration with The Body Shop to raise awareness of their Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People Campaign, the largest in their 35 year history. Known as The STOP Bag, the tote launches into stores nationwide tomorrow (6th October).

In keeping with The Body Shop's ethos, the bag is made from raw 100% fair trade cotton and features a fun, fuchsia strap for hands-free usage. The design on each of the bags is based on a celebrity's signed handprint, with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Joanna Lumley, Mira Sorvino, Mark Ronson, Piers Morgan and Jamie Olivier pitching in with their support.
The STOP Bag costs just £4 with all profits helping to raise awareness and fight sex trafficking of children and young people.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Speed Review: Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

I've been heat-styling my hair quite a lot recently so I felt it was a good time to try out a slightly more intensive hair mask than the type I'd usually go for.
Now, despite not getting on particularly well with the Moroccanoil conditioner (which I felt left a silicone-like residue on my hair), I really admire the brand which can be credited with bringing wonder-ingredient Argan Oil into the mainstream consciousness. What's more, I really like the bright & bold packaging which is modern whilst remaining true to the nature of the product.
Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask promises to rehydrate, improve elasticity and restore managability. So... does it deliver?

The creamy texture of the mask meant that it was easy to work through my hair. I liked the sweet scent, although it didn't linger in my hair once rinsed out. In terms of practical usage, my favourite aspect of Intense Hydrating Mask is that you only need to leave it in hair for 5 minutes so there's not a big time commitment in order to see results.
I really struggled with the rinsability of the mask- it took quite some time to wash the product out of my hair and even then, I wasn't sure that I had removed every last trace. For this reason, I felt really unsure about this mask and felt that it would put me off using it again.
Having said this, once dry, I didn't feel that my hair was weighed down. It was easy to control when styling and felt unbelivably soft.
The results were impressive. Once my hair was blow-dried, it was shiny and bouncing and even though I hadn't taken any more care than usual over styling, it almost looked Chelsea-salon worthy. I definitely feel that it delivers on the claims. However, at over £20 for 250ml, I'm not sure I'd part with my own money if I hadn't received this as a PR sample. I really liked how it left my hair but given the issues I had with rinsability, I'd rather invest in something more enjoyable to use such as a mask from Phyto or Alterna.

Monday 3 October 2011

WAH Nails Manicure

Sometimes I like to try treatments without saying what I do for a living, which is exactly what I did when I popped into WAH Nails' concession in Topshop's flagship store on Oxford Circus for a speedy mani last week.
Firstly, I have to say that I was impressed with the array of nail art designs on offer. If you're into nail art, then definitely check out their offering where you can choose from designs such as skulls, Tiffany inspired packaging, bows and my favourite, hot lips. Pushed for time, I opted for a regular file and polish and chose Model's Own Nail Polish in Gun Grey.
Although the service itself seemed to be fairly good with all of the customers leaving with immaculate nails, I did feel rather like I was on a conveyer belt. In fact, bar choosing my colour and confirming the shape I'd like my nails filed into, the technician seemed far more interested in chatting to her colleague than talking to me and making me feel comfortable. Having said this, the service was impressively speedy, making it ideal for lunchtimes.
I left feeling happy with how my nails looked. I felt that the technician did a good job, working with my seemingly neglected nails which had been breaking one-by-one thoroughout the week. I liked the colour that I'd chosen with its subtle shimmer flecks and although I can't comment on how the formula was to work with, the technician only needed to apply two coats to gain full coverage. She finished with my favourite top coat, Seche Vite.
My major complaint is that after just 2 not-particularly-busy days, noticable chips had started to appear which I don't really feel is acceptable after a professional manicure.


Sunday 2 October 2011

Speed Review: Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub

I'm as much a fan of a tempting glass of vino as the next person but incorporating it into my beauty regime? It's actually nothing new as Caudalie, one's of France's best loved beauty brands and purveyors of all things Vinotherapie, have been encouraging us to utilise by-products of the wine making industry since 1995. One of their bestselling products is Crushed Cabernet Scrub which I've been looking forward to trying for quite some time.

I really like how kilner jars look in the bathroom, however, (and I know I bang on about this) tubs simply aren't the most functional presentation method as far as I'm concerned.
The scent is an unusual blend of citrus (it contains lemon and lemongrass essential oils) but also warming, almost medicinal oakiness which hints towards the Cabernet name.
The course granules of crushed Cabernet grape seeds are definitely noticable and it's one of the most effective scrubs I've ever used, although I'm pleased to say that I didn't find it harshly abrasive.

I'm so impressed to note that my skin wasn't just left smoothed, but wonderfully soft also, most likely due to the inclusion of honey in the formula. It's a slight bugbear that the product is described as having slimming effects as let's be honest, how much difference is exfoliating twice a week really going to make if you sit around eating burgers and chips all day? Even taken in context, when used alongside the recommended complementary products, it's a bit of a stretch to claim that this is going to have any more of a slimming effect than massaging in any other scrub on the market.
My other complaint is that, like The Body Shop's Black Olive & Argan Oil Scrub, the granules don't dissolve and therefore, leave a mess in the shower. However, both of these are minor issues which certainly wouldn't put me off repurchasing. At £21.50 for 150g, it's pretty pricey but I do feel that it's worth every penny, particularly given that a little goes a long way.
Overall, I absolutely love this and can't rate it highly enough.

Saturday 1 October 2011

Speed Review: Nude Replenishing Night Oil

Wow, I can't believe it's October already- the month of Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness and, although it's hard to believe in this mini heatwave, time to dig out the cosy knits ahead of the clocks changing. With the change of seasons, I always like to re-evaluate my skincare and I wanted to share my latest discovery with you today. 

Nude's Replenishing Night Oil is not only an award winner in the Anti-Aging Beauty Bible, it's also been recognised with the highest score of any product ever in the Beauty Bible series. So, whilst I'm far from the first to discover Nude Replenishing Night Oil, it did have some high expectations to live up to.
I absolutely love Nude's packaging- they really get the ethical yet desirable message spot on. Although functional (the Replenishing Night Oil is in a pump bottle), I'd have liked some way of judging how much product is remaining, which isn't possible due to the opaque pink packaging.
Designed for normal and dry skin types, the oil itself is lightweight and easily absorbed. I tend to find that using an oil encourages a massage application technique which is definitely beneficial to skin, not to mention relaxing before bed. I was initially unsure of what to expect of the scent as the omega-rich oil contains a blend of vanilla, cranberry, raspberry and black cumin extracts but the scent is an incredible hit of rose.
Personally, I find that the Nude pricing is a bit all over the place with quite a wide range of prices within the relatively small product range. At £44 for just 15ml, this definitely falls at the more expensive end of the scale. Although I really, really liked Nude Replenishing Night Oil, it's not the most incredible product I've ever used. I've previously been more wowed by results driven products where I've woken up to see a noticeable improvement in my skin and I didn't find that to be the case with this and frankly, for the price, I expect it to be.
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