Saturday 1 October 2011

Speed Review: Nude Replenishing Night Oil

Wow, I can't believe it's October already- the month of Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness and, although it's hard to believe in this mini heatwave, time to dig out the cosy knits ahead of the clocks changing. With the change of seasons, I always like to re-evaluate my skincare and I wanted to share my latest discovery with you today. 

Nude's Replenishing Night Oil is not only an award winner in the Anti-Aging Beauty Bible, it's also been recognised with the highest score of any product ever in the Beauty Bible series. So, whilst I'm far from the first to discover Nude Replenishing Night Oil, it did have some high expectations to live up to.
I absolutely love Nude's packaging- they really get the ethical yet desirable message spot on. Although functional (the Replenishing Night Oil is in a pump bottle), I'd have liked some way of judging how much product is remaining, which isn't possible due to the opaque pink packaging.
Designed for normal and dry skin types, the oil itself is lightweight and easily absorbed. I tend to find that using an oil encourages a massage application technique which is definitely beneficial to skin, not to mention relaxing before bed. I was initially unsure of what to expect of the scent as the omega-rich oil contains a blend of vanilla, cranberry, raspberry and black cumin extracts but the scent is an incredible hit of rose.
Personally, I find that the Nude pricing is a bit all over the place with quite a wide range of prices within the relatively small product range. At £44 for just 15ml, this definitely falls at the more expensive end of the scale. Although I really, really liked Nude Replenishing Night Oil, it's not the most incredible product I've ever used. I've previously been more wowed by results driven products where I've woken up to see a noticeable improvement in my skin and I didn't find that to be the case with this and frankly, for the price, I expect it to be.


  1. Could you do a post on what your favourite night oil product is? Or what at least gives you the best products overnight, I was all set to run out and get this until you said that! btw i’ve passed on the classic beauty award to you, you definitely deserve it

  2. Thanks so much! Although I really liked Nude's Replenishing Night Oil, I have 3 all-time favourite nighttime products which definitely trump this in my opinion. Stay tuned & I'll aim to get reviews posted this month.


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