Thursday 29 September 2011

Skin Deep talks to...

Kristy Goodger, Founder of Elemental Herbology.

On a recent trip to London, I met the fabulous, inspirational and just downright nice Kristy Goodger, founder of Elemental Herbology. Given the success story behind the brand, it's easy to forget that Elemental Herbology is just three years old. I'm delighted to host Kristy as this month's Skin Deep talks to... interview subject.

SD: How did Elemental Herbology come about?
KG: Over the years I have worked with a large number of skincare and spa brands but found there was a bridging divide between the indulgence of natural lines and the results of high performance brands. I was inspired to create a brand that would bridge this divide by using bio-science alongside aroma-therapeutic plant oils to offer our customers products that are equally effective as they are luxurious. And thus, Elemental Herbology was born!

SD: What struggles did you overcome in setting up the business?
KG: Inevitably, there will always be struggles- it's the nature of starting a new business, there will always be lows (as well as highs). It is really tough securing financing and getting a concept off the ground when you are the only employee and working from home with noone to share the journey. However, we launched through SpaceNK in 2008 and after a very successful launch phase, we were rolled out through all 60 stores nationwide, which was a major turning point from which we have literally hit the ground running. Our products are now stocked in 22 countries through some of the most exclusive retail and spa properties.

SD: What is the best aspect of running your own business?
KG: I consider myself very lucky as I absolutely love what I do and get so much pleasure from creating new products and spa treatments. Positive feedback from our customers who say our products not only make their skin look amazing but also make them feel so pampered and indulged is very satisfying.

SD: And the worst?
KG: Perhaps never being able to fully switch off- when you build a business from scratch you care so passionately about every aspect and sometimes it can be difficult to let go.

SD: Who/ what inspires you?
KG: So many things- my family and friends, world travel, learning from different cultures. I'm particularly interested in the Chinese principles of five element theory and was hugely inspired by this when launching Elemental Herbology.

SD: What has been the highlight of your career to date?
KG: Each new breakthrough feels like a highlight such as when we launched at Pennyhill Park, one of the most exclusive spa hotels in the UK. But having said that, my greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the letters and emails we get from customers saying my products have transformed their skin. That is the greatest honour and highlight.

SD: What advice would you give to someone thinking of setting up their own business?
KG: Always remain positive and don't be discouraged if things don't work out first time around. It won't always be a smooth ride but stay focused and strong.

SD: How do you envisage Elemental Herbology developing?
KG: It is my vision to create a global spa brand that is synonymous with the most beautiful and indulgent treatment experience, nutrient rich skincare and cutting edge plant science.

SD: What would you be doing if you weren't running Elemental Herbology?
KG: I love interiors and can't get enough of Elle Decoration and Wallpaper and spending my weekends mooching around interiors shops so in my altered reality I would definitely be an Interior Designer.

SD: If you were to introduce Elemental Herbology to someone for the first time, which product would you recommend they try?
KG: Without a doubt, that would be Cell Food! I really can't get by without it. With balancing long working hours, family life with my baby and frequent flying, I find it's the only thing that keeps my skin nourished and replete. It instantly boosts radiance and I really see a difference when I don't use it so I'd definitely recommend that.

SD: If you could have created any other beauty product/ brand, what would it be?
KG: Chantecaille. They produce such beautiful products and have achieved such a great synergy between the use of high tech plant actives and a sensory and indulgent skincare experience.

SD: What do you predict will be the next big thing in beauty?
KG: Home Spa experience. Taking more time out to pamper ourselves with products that really change the way we look and feel.

SD: What is your number one beauty tip?
KG: Of course basics such as cleansing thoroughly every evening, exfoliating at least once a week and doing a home facial every weekend to balance your skin are the fundamentals of good skincare practice. But I also believe it's very important to find a state of equilibrium where all aspects of your life are in balance, your body and mind will flow in sync and you will naturally look more healthy and vital. I really believe it is essential to have a good work life balance, eat healthy nutrient-rich food, exercise regularly and drinks lots of water but don't be too fanatical or serious. A glass of wine, chocolate pudding or an afternoon on the couch watching films is healthy for the soul. Being too strict can manifest in stress and stress can really deplete the skin and lead to breakouts or just leave your skin looking sallow and dull.

SD: What is your beauty pet hate?
KG: Products that don't have an aroma. Products that incorporate beautiful plant oils are mood enhancing and make any basic skincare routine feel like an indulgence. It is amazing how sensory and enjoyable even a simple facial cleanse can be!

SD: Finally, what does Skin Deep mean to you?
KG: I really look and feel my best when I am eating well and have a nice work/ life balance. Inner vitality and health definitely come from within and it is amazing what a jog around the park can do for getting back your glow. By using wonderful, nutrient rich and indulgent skincare that is just as effective as it is "feel good" further enhances the health and vitality of your skin.

For further information and to check out the product line, visit

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