Tuesday 6 September 2011

Speed Review: Purity Organic Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser

I like the ethos behind Purity Organic Skincare, who use sustainably grown ingredients and are EcoCert certified. Each of the products keeps ingredients to a minimum and, where possible, the ingredients used across the skincare line are the same so that the products are neither overwhelming to your skin or your wallet. Plus, it's a British brand, something which I always like to support.
I've been meaning to try Purity Organic Regenerting Overnight Moisturiser for a while and my Project Organic created the perfect opportunity. Although I've previously tried Purity Organic Anti-Aging Serum & Mask and been impressed, the distinctly underwhelming plastic packaging means that Purity Organic isn't a brand which has remained particularly memorable.
All of the products are suitable for vegetarians and many (although not Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser which contains beeswax) are suitable for vegans so it's definitely a range worth checking out if you need your products to comply with such criteria. Purity Organic Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser is 98% natural and 76% organic.

Although the directions state to apply liberally, you really only need a very small amount of this as the cream is incredibly rich. The pot is going to last forever! I found it took quite some time and effort to get it to sink into my skin although it meant that I paid more attention to facial massage than I confess I usually do. If you have oily skin, you probably won't like the texture of this. I like that it's fragrance free, making it a good option for those with sensitive skin.
Personally, I don't feel that this is sufficiently hard working to give noticable results to those starting to show signs of aging. It's a fairly basic cream in a plastic pot and I have to say that I wasn't wowed by this. I wasn't expecting miracles although it has good hydrating benefits and is very reasonably priced at £7.99 for 50ml so I'd recommend this to anyone looking for their first night cream.


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