Thursday 15 September 2011

Speed Review: Madara Ecolips Softening Lip Balm

Firstly, apologies for my silence this week readers... I'll be catching up with lots of blog posts so stay tuned!

Anyway, on with my review of Madara Ecolips Softening Lip Balm which is the first product I've tried from Madara. I really like the ethos behind the brand which believes that natural ingredients offer the best protection for our bodies. The message that "Madara natural and active ingredients help to fight distress, illnesses, allergies and other harm caused by environmental pollution and human alienation from nature" may be pushing things somewhat but I appreciate where they are coming from. Marketing blurb usually draws me in but I did find that some of the Madara information verges on overkill, for example "Madara products have been specially developed in a way which allows us to mimic the way that flowers cleanse themselves"... REALLY??!

The box which the lipbalm is presented in is also rather worthy, a green cardboard to really hammer home the eco message, just in case you missed it. However, the lipbalm tube inside makes up for it with its sleek matte white presentation which feels far more luxurious than the box suggests. Plus, it's functional as you can apply directly to lips which I find more hygenic than a pot and fingers, particularly on the go!
The lipbalm has reasonable eco credentials as it is 100% natural and with 67% organic ingredients, it's earned the well regarded EcoCert certification. I like this as it makes sense to me to choose lip products which are as natural as possible. However, it does contain lanolin so not a product for vegetarians.
The balm itself is the perfect texture- soft, not gloopy and just thick enough that it feels nourishing to apply without being difficult to squeeze out of the tube. It has a fruity fragrance which I found quite pleasant.
At £9.90, it's not cheap but I'd definitely recommend this and will be carrying a tube in my handbag as the temperatures drop.

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