Tuesday 30 January 2018

Ojon Rare Blend Oil- A Disappointing Product

I’ve been excited to try Ojon’s Rare Blend Oil (or as I like to call it “Rainbow Oil”- although that doesn’t give quite the same luxe impression) ever since I first heard about it and whilst that may have been some time ago and it’s admittedly taken me a while to get around to trying it, my excitement hadn’t diminished. Maybe it’s because I love hair oils and credit them with transforming my tresses or perhaps my inner magpie (mermaid? Unicorn?) simply couldn’t resist the rainbow layers of oil. The packaging is an outer cardboard wrap which highlights the natural layers that the oils settle into, showcasing the product and this has often appealed to me when I’ve spied it on shop shelves. It certainly stands out as something different from other hair oils.

As I’ve hinted above, the plastic bottle is aesthetically pleasing and allows for the layers of oil to be viewed. The transparent bottle also shows how much product is remaining, which I always appreciate. The benefits are stated on the bottle as helping to boost moisture, nourish to repair, tame frizz, prevent heat damage and reveal dazzling shine. The instructions are clear, if a little short and state to shake the bottle to blend the oils. Simple enough but I absolutely hated everything about the functionality of the bottle. It has a screw top so the oils start to settle again whilst you’re unscrewing the lid after shaking. There is of course the option to unscrew the lid, place your hand over the top and then shake but that risks mess. Furthermore, the dispenser is simply the open bottle top so it’s very difficult to control how much oil is released. I’m not sure how else they could’ve presented it but anything would be an improvement! This is a large part of the reason that I disliked the product so much- it simply wasn’t enjoyable to use.

The blended oil itself has a very thick and heavy texture, almost to the point of feeling sticking in my hands- not pleasant. Thanks to the thick texture, a little goes a long way- assuming you can control the dispensing. That said, it was easy to work through my hair and has pleasant, subtle scent. In terms of the results, this oil could have given me the best results (in reality, I'd say they were fairly average) but it wouldn't be enough to convince me to persevere with this product because I could feel a residue in my hair after styling, which I hate and what's more, I found that my hair became greasy and needed to be washed far more quickly than usual when I was using this product. It's everything that people who might be afraid of trying oils might be concerned about and I'd hate for a beginner to try this as it would most likely put them off hair oils. Maybe this would work in someone with thicker hair than mine but if, like me, you have fine hair, I'd recommend steering well clear which I feel disappointed to write as I had such high hopes! It's increasingly difficult to find the Ojon brand and I'm not entirely sure what's going on- whether it's being discontinued or not- but if you can find it, Ojon Rare Blend Oil costs £30 for 45ml. 

Thursday 25 January 2018

Speed Review: Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil

If you've followed Skin Deep for some time then you'll know that using oils is my favourite way to gently yet effectively cleanse and balance my combination skin. I simply can't get enough of them and love trying offerings from different brands, with the latest one being Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil.

According to the Company, Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil is aimed at those with oily to combination skin and is infused with 100% natural and nourishing plant oils to effectively remove all traces of stubborn makeup, leaving skin clear, clean and supple. It contains Vitamin C to brighten and help reduce pigmentation, Raspberry Seed to help reduce redness and inflammation and Camellia Flower to help nourish, soften and hydrate skin. It also contains Grapefruit and Geranium for an astringent effect, along with Argan, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oils to help replenish dry & sensitive skin, balance sebum production and nourish & soothe.

I tend to think of Elemental Herbology as a luxurious and indulgent natural brand and have found some of their products to be impressively results driven (especially the Cell Nourish serum, which is a product I come back to time and time again). The packaging of Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil reinforces that message as it's presented in an outer box in the brand's distinctive design. The bottle inside is fairly slimline and aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity. I really liked that the bottle is transparent so it's easy to tell how much product is remaining. It's also functional with a pump dispenser to avoid wastage. What's more, the packaging is travel friendly which is unusual for an oil as I often worry that they will leak, so a real bonus as it means that I don't need to compromise my regime when away. 

The oil itself has an indulgent botanical fragrance. It has a golden colour and the texture is average- it's not as light and silky as say, The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil but nor is it as heavy as something like the Antonia Burrell Natural Glow Cleansing Oil. As tends to be the case with cleansing oils, it lends itself well to facial massage. It rinsed away effortlessly and I felt as though my face had been thoroughly cleaned, although I did need to use a separate eye makeup remover to dissolve stubborn mascara.

I agree with the claims that Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil has a balancing effect on skin. My skin didn't feel stripped or tight following use but I did still need to follow with a moisturiser, as I always do.

I needed to use approximately 5-6 pumps to release sufficient product to cleanse my entire face and neck and as such, I felt like I went through the deceptively small 100ml bottle fairly quickly. At £29 for 100ml, it's not cheap but I do feel that Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleanse Facial Cleansing Oil is a quality product which I enjoyed using and would recommend if you're seeking a cleansing oil with added indulgence factor.

Thursday 18 January 2018

Speed Review: Argan + 5-Oil Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner

Argan+ 5 Oil Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner

I was recently sent the Argan+ 5 Oil Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner to try, which I was intrigued by as I don't tend to think of the brand as a haircare one.

The first thing to say as a caveat to this review is that I don't have coloured hair so I can't comment on the claims surrounding colour protecting properties. That said, I love using oils to nourish my hair and as the Shampoo and Conditioner are based around a blend of oils, including Moroccan Argan Oil, Lavender Oil, Baobab Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Kukui Seed Oil, Moringa Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil, I was excited to try them. The company claims that the Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to repair, nourish and strengthen hair and contain colour protecting Rooibos extract to help enhance and lock in colour intensity and prevent fading.

On first impressions, I liked that the plastic bottles are easily distinguishable from one other, with the Shampoo being presented in a Moroccanoil-esque turquoise blue bottle and the Conditioner in a white bottle. They aren't the most luxurious but the packaging is eye-catching (particularly that of the Shampoo). They have flip top lids for ease of use in the shower. The directions were clear and easy to follow. The Shampoo bottle was opaque so it was difficult to tell how much product was remaining whereas the Conditioner bottle was semi-opaque, which I preferred, as I was able to see how much product was left.

Argan+ 5 Oil Miracle Shampoo:
The company claims that the Shampoo is powered by vitamin E rich Argan Oil along with a blend of nourishing oils to gently cleanse hair without stripping it. They say that the vitamin packed formulation delivers incredible softness and shine, leaving hair more manageable, shiny and colour vibrant.
I enjoyed using the Shampoo, which had a comforting and warming scent which had a hint of the exotic and smelt luxurious, without being overpowering. The Shampoo had a gel texture, with the golden colour adding to the sense of luxury and reiterating the nourishing oil ingredient message. I found that the Shampoo produced a generous lather and, as inherently seems to be the case with most shampoos, rinsed away easily. I was highly impressed to note that it didn't irritate my sensitive scalp, as many shampoos (particularly budget friendly ones) can.

Argan+ 5 Oil Miracle Conditioner: 
The company claims that the Conditioner helps hair to keep its hue and vibrancy with its deeply strengthening formula. They state that the intensively nourishing Argan+ Synergy blend delivers optimum conditioning and smoothing benefits, leaving hair stronger, shinier and softer, ready to be styled.
Again, I enjoyed using this product. The Conditioner has a light cream texture which felt luxuriously silky. It was relatively easy to dispense although a tube would have been more convenient. I found it easy to work through my hair.
I found the Conditioner to be more heavily perfumed than the Shampoo but it smelt like an expensive product. It was indulgent, pampering and a pleasure to use. Following use, a comforting scent lingered very delicately.
Rinsability was average. I was impressed with how smooth my hair looked following use and noted that my fine hair wasn't weighed down. It felt wonderfully soft and looked shiny yet remained manageable.

I must confess that I hadn't had the highest expectations of these products but actually really enjoyed using them and I was highly impressed with the results. At £5.99 for each of the 300ml bottles, I feel that they represent fantastic value for money and would recommend them.


Tuesday 16 January 2018

Speed Review: Bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Soapy Suds Body Wash

It's safe to say that I'm not a morning person, particularly at this time of year when I have to be practically dragged from my warm bed. A morning shower using an uplifting, zesty body wash makes it just about bearable so I'm always hunting out options which may help. I've recently been reaching for Bliss Grapefruit and Aloe Soapy Suds Body Wash, which I've been really enjoying.

Bliss is a strange brand. I always think of it as cool, effortless and timeless but it doesn't get a huge amount of love and attention in the blogging community, perhaps having been usurped by its more affordable & readily available (we won't go into their weird choice of an online shop via Amazon) "younger sister" brand, Soap & Glory.

On first impressions, I loved the packaging. The bold designs which Bliss incorporate always appeal to me and still seem relevant and modern all these years after the original launch. I was happy to have it on display in my shower and what's more, appreciated the functionality of the pump dispenser and also liked that the transparent plastic bottle meant it was easy to tell how much product was remaining.

Bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Soapy Suds Body Wash completely lives up to its name. I absolutely loved the scent which was fresh and perfectly captured the fragrance of the key ingredients without being sickly sweet or synthetic. The scent didn't linger on my skin following use so didn't interfere with other fragrances. Whilst I can't comment on the product as a bubble bath (I generally prefer the convenience of showers), I do feel that it delivers on the "Soapy Suds" name as well. Bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Soapy Suds Body Wash has a thick, jelly-like texture which meant that it was easy to control how much product was dispensed, avoiding wastage. Perhaps unsurprisingly (given the inclusion of SLS), I was able to work the gel into a creamy lather and this could probably be enhanced using a bath puff or sponge. Following use, my skin felt fresh and clean but I still needed to moisturise (as I tend to have to after using SLS containing products).

Bliss Grapefruit & Aloe Soapy Suds Body Wash was a real pleasure to use and made the routine of showering more enjoyable. At £16.50 for 475ml, it's not the cheapest shower gel but you do get a lot of product for your money and I'd recommend checking it out.


Tuesday 9 January 2018

Speed Review: NHP Nourish Hair Mask

I love to treat my tresses as part of my Sunday pampering routine and every week, I'll indulge with a clarifying shampoo (Clynol's Clear Cleansing Shampoo being a favourite) followed by a nourishing hair mask. I've recently been using NHP Nourish Hair Mask, which is the focus of today's review.

NHP isn't a brand with which I was previously familiar so I went into the trial with no preconceptions. The mask is described as being a deep and intense nourishing mask which is free from parabens, paraffins and colorants. It is based on organic Argan oil and Macadamia oil and is designed to restore the right hydro lipid balance to dry, damaged and colour treated hair, leaving it silky, smooth, vigorous (!) and shiny. The mask is designed to tame frizz and protect against colour fading.

My first impression was that NHP Nourish Hair Mask looks like a professional salon product thanks to the minimalist design of the packaging and the fact that it's presented in a huge 300ml tube, which would last for ages with normal use. The design has quite a unisex feel to it. It probably wouldn't appeal to me if I saw it on a shop shelf.

The directions were relatively clear although don't state how much to use. I was pleased to note that the mask gets to work in just five minutes, offering a pampering option without too much of a time commitment. It states that for best results, the mask should be used twice a week, although I must confess that I only incorporated it into my routine once per week, in keeping with the fact that my hair is not colour treated, in reasonably good condition but that I also have fine hair. I liked the inclusion of a salon tip, which recommends mixing the mask with a little hair oil to intensify the results although again, must confess that I didn't try this.

I always prefer masks which are presented in tubes rather than tubs so in that respect, the design got a thumbs up from me. I appreciated the functionality of the flip top lid too.

The mask itself has a thick cream texture but was relatively easy to work through my hair. It had quite a perfumed scent during use but that said, once my hair had been dried and styled, I couldn't detect it and my hair simply smelt clean.

Given the rich texture, I had anticipated that the mask might be difficult to rinse out but I'd describe the rinsability as average.

Once I'd dried and styled my hair, my immediate impression was how healthy my hair looked. It was soft and shiny but manageable. My fine hair wasn't weighed down but I did need to use an additional product to tame frizz and flyaways, as they weren't particularly diminished.

At £9.60 for the generous 300ml tube, I feel that NHP Nourish Hair Mask represents good value for money and is worth checking out.

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