Tuesday 30 January 2018

Ojon Rare Blend Oil- A Disappointing Product

I’ve been excited to try Ojon’s Rare Blend Oil (or as I like to call it “Rainbow Oil”- although that doesn’t give quite the same luxe impression) ever since I first heard about it and whilst that may have been some time ago and it’s admittedly taken me a while to get around to trying it, my excitement hadn’t diminished. Maybe it’s because I love hair oils and credit them with transforming my tresses or perhaps my inner magpie (mermaid? Unicorn?) simply couldn’t resist the rainbow layers of oil. The packaging is an outer cardboard wrap which highlights the natural layers that the oils settle into, showcasing the product and this has often appealed to me when I’ve spied it on shop shelves. It certainly stands out as something different from other hair oils.

As I’ve hinted above, the plastic bottle is aesthetically pleasing and allows for the layers of oil to be viewed. The transparent bottle also shows how much product is remaining, which I always appreciate. The benefits are stated on the bottle as helping to boost moisture, nourish to repair, tame frizz, prevent heat damage and reveal dazzling shine. The instructions are clear, if a little short and state to shake the bottle to blend the oils. Simple enough but I absolutely hated everything about the functionality of the bottle. It has a screw top so the oils start to settle again whilst you’re unscrewing the lid after shaking. There is of course the option to unscrew the lid, place your hand over the top and then shake but that risks mess. Furthermore, the dispenser is simply the open bottle top so it’s very difficult to control how much oil is released. I’m not sure how else they could’ve presented it but anything would be an improvement! This is a large part of the reason that I disliked the product so much- it simply wasn’t enjoyable to use.

The blended oil itself has a very thick and heavy texture, almost to the point of feeling sticking in my hands- not pleasant. Thanks to the thick texture, a little goes a long way- assuming you can control the dispensing. That said, it was easy to work through my hair and has pleasant, subtle scent. In terms of the results, this oil could have given me the best results (in reality, I'd say they were fairly average) but it wouldn't be enough to convince me to persevere with this product because I could feel a residue in my hair after styling, which I hate and what's more, I found that my hair became greasy and needed to be washed far more quickly than usual when I was using this product. It's everything that people who might be afraid of trying oils might be concerned about and I'd hate for a beginner to try this as it would most likely put them off hair oils. Maybe this would work in someone with thicker hair than mine but if, like me, you have fine hair, I'd recommend steering well clear which I feel disappointed to write as I had such high hopes! It's increasingly difficult to find the Ojon brand and I'm not entirely sure what's going on- whether it's being discontinued or not- but if you can find it, Ojon Rare Blend Oil costs £30 for 45ml. 

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