Sunday 14 April 2024

Speed Review: Sephora Firming Night Cream with Peptides

I picked this up in Italy when, caught without my luggage, I needed a night cream. I didn't want to spend a fortune and I wanted a formula which was unlikely to cause any issues when trying for the first time, as well as working well alongside the rest of my routine. I like the inclusion of hydrating glycerin in the formula and it also contains jojoba oil. It appealed to me on the shop shelf with its Drunk Elephant style colourful packaging, although that's where the packaging similarities end- it's simply a basic plastic tub without a pump dispenser. I'm not the biggest fan of tub packaging where product is open to the air and fingers are dipped in but admittedly, it does suit the rich texture of this product.
Sephora Firming Night Cream with Peptides is a thick white cream with an unscented formula. The texture feels traditional rather than elegant but a little goes a long way. It takes a little effort to work into skin but I found that it worked well layered with my other products, without "pilling". I particularly enjoyed following application with a few drops of facial oil pressed into skin to lock all of the goodness in and found that this combination left me with soft, glowing skin which looked subtly improved by morning. The cream leaves a "real skin" finish- it's neither glow enhancing nor mattifying. It's difficult to tell whether there were any firming or revitalising benefits but it did the job to moisturise my skin and is a reliable, no- nonsense product. The cream has the richness and nourishing benefits which you'd typically associate with a night cream but I didn't find that it felt heavy or claggy on skin and didn't cause me to break out, despite being acne prone. I feel that this would be a good choice for most skin types, as well as sensitized skin and those concerned about the first signs of aging but if you're more oily than combination, you may not enjoy the feel of the cream. Coming in at under £20, Sephora Firming Night Cream with Peptides represents good value for money in my opinion (the 50ml tub costs £19.99).

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