Tuesday 9 January 2018

Speed Review: NHP Nourish Hair Mask

I love to treat my tresses as part of my Sunday pampering routine and every week, I'll indulge with a clarifying shampoo (Clynol's Clear Cleansing Shampoo being a favourite) followed by a nourishing hair mask. I've recently been using NHP Nourish Hair Mask, which is the focus of today's review.

NHP isn't a brand with which I was previously familiar so I went into the trial with no preconceptions. The mask is described as being a deep and intense nourishing mask which is free from parabens, paraffins and colorants. It is based on organic Argan oil and Macadamia oil and is designed to restore the right hydro lipid balance to dry, damaged and colour treated hair, leaving it silky, smooth, vigorous (!) and shiny. The mask is designed to tame frizz and protect against colour fading.

My first impression was that NHP Nourish Hair Mask looks like a professional salon product thanks to the minimalist design of the packaging and the fact that it's presented in a huge 300ml tube, which would last for ages with normal use. The design has quite a unisex feel to it. It probably wouldn't appeal to me if I saw it on a shop shelf.

The directions were relatively clear although don't state how much to use. I was pleased to note that the mask gets to work in just five minutes, offering a pampering option without too much of a time commitment. It states that for best results, the mask should be used twice a week, although I must confess that I only incorporated it into my routine once per week, in keeping with the fact that my hair is not colour treated, in reasonably good condition but that I also have fine hair. I liked the inclusion of a salon tip, which recommends mixing the mask with a little hair oil to intensify the results although again, must confess that I didn't try this.

I always prefer masks which are presented in tubes rather than tubs so in that respect, the design got a thumbs up from me. I appreciated the functionality of the flip top lid too.

The mask itself has a thick cream texture but was relatively easy to work through my hair. It had quite a perfumed scent during use but that said, once my hair had been dried and styled, I couldn't detect it and my hair simply smelt clean.

Given the rich texture, I had anticipated that the mask might be difficult to rinse out but I'd describe the rinsability as average.

Once I'd dried and styled my hair, my immediate impression was how healthy my hair looked. It was soft and shiny but manageable. My fine hair wasn't weighed down but I did need to use an additional product to tame frizz and flyaways, as they weren't particularly diminished.

At £9.60 for the generous 300ml tube, I feel that NHP Nourish Hair Mask represents good value for money and is worth checking out.


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