Monday 10 May 2021

Speed Review: L'Oreal Fibrology Conditioner

I always think of L'Oreal as offering good quality haircare products at affordable prices, which are usually fantastic value for money. I put this down to the group owning premium brands, e.g. Kerastase, which invest in research and these investments subsequently trickle down to the more wallet friendly brands within the family. As such, I always like to keep an eye out for offers on L'Oreal haircare (the brand is frequently on offer so I tend never to buy at full price). Having previously enjoyed the Fibrology Hair Mask , I thought I'd try the conditioner from the same range which I spotted on offer recently. The Fibrology range is aimed at those who, like me, have fine hair and as such, it appealed to me. The vibrant turquoise packaging also jumped out at me from the shop shelf and whilst the design reflects the mass branding of L'Oreal and isn't the most aesthetically pleasing, it is easily recognisable. I didn't see any directions for use on the packaging but arguably, that's not necessary for a conditioner. The plastic bottle features a flip top lid on the bottom of the packaging which I found to be functional. It meant that it was easy to dispense the conditioner in a controlled way, helping to avoid wastage. L'Oreal Fibrology Conditioner is a white cream, similar in texture to a lotion. I found it easy to work through my hair and a little goes a long way, further emphasising the value for money message. The conditioner has a sweet, fruity fragrance which wasn't my favourite but nor was it offensive and I couldn't detect it in my hair following use. I did find that the conditioner took a little more effort than some to be completely rinsed out of my hair, which was a little frustrating and for this reason, I might be put off repurchasing. That said, I was impressed with the results as my fine hair was left shiny and feeling soft. It had good movement and wasn't weighed down and most importantly, I feel that the conditioner lived up to the claims because my hair appeared fuller. L'Oreal Fibrology Conditioner costs £4.99 for 400ml.

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