Tuesday 18 October 2011

Speed Review: Palmer's Daily Facial Skincare

In the summer, Drugstore brand Palmer's, of cocoa butter fame, launched a new Daily Facial Skincare range. I tend to rate their body products quite highly (the cocoa butter body oil is a good everyday option if you're on a budget) so I was eager to try out the skincare.

Although I always say that you should try to spend the most you can afford to on skincare, I tried to keep an open mind when testing the range. After all, Creme de la Mer is not within everyone's budget and the vast majority of people do pick up their skincare items on the High Street.

First up, I tried the Daily Cleansing Gel. On first impressions, it wasn't bad. Nothing special but a rinse off, lightly lathering gel to clean your face on a daily basis, job done. I liked the functional packaging, with a handy pump dispenser. However, I simply couldn't get passed the scent of this- it really reminded me of fish & chip batter, not something I wish to put on my face & so I gave up. Looking at the list of ingredients and not being surprised to see Sodium Laureth Sulfate listed second was the confirmation I needed not to continue with this as SLS is not something which tends to agree with my sensitive skin.

I had more luck with the Facial Scrub. This also contains "nasties" but given that a facial scrub is used less regularly than cleanser, I found it easier to overlook. Again, the packaging is functional- this time in a tube with flip top lid. I had anticipated a chocolatey scent but it's surprisingly fresh. I really liked the texture, despite generally veering away from physical exfoliants. The grains are effective without being abrasive and in the perfect concentration in my opinion, although it might not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin. Although ground walnut shell seems to make up the majority of the exfoliant, it seems well considered in terms of the brand that there's the inclusion of (slightly larger) ground cocoa beans also and I've tried to capture this in my photo.

Although I personally wasn't wowed by the products I tried (I still rate their budget bodycare though!), I do feel that the facial scrub in particular offers good value for money at £5.95 for 150g. Have you tried the Palmer's Daily Facial Skincare range as yet?

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