Tuesday 23 November 2010

£83,000 Nail Polish, Anyone?

The beauty world is abuzz with news of the most expensive nail polish ever, Models Own Gold Rush, which launched this week at the breathtaking price of £83,000.

Pitched as something for the person who has everything, in reality, the nail polish can hardly be described as anything other than a massive publicity stunt, which is proving very successful! I've been a fan of Models Own since earlier this year, when I first trialled one of their polishes and was impressed with the range of colours, relatively good lasting effects and affordable prices (a standard nail polish is £5), yet it seems the brand hasn't captured people's interest to the extent it deserves...until now.

Models Own Nail Polish
So why so expensive? Although the polish itself is a glimmering gold, which resembles gold leaf and sparkles to remind of diamonds, it's actually the packaging which has resulted in such a heafty price tag. The lid is hand-crafted from an ingot of solid yellow gold and weighs nearly 100g! The lid is then inlaid with 1,118 diamonds.
Needless to say, the polish won't be available from your local Boots branch- such an opulent product requires a fittingly exclusive sales environment and Frost of London, New Bond Street has been selected. For us mere mortals, a rather more affordable version, Gold Rush Ready to Wear, £5 will be available at http://www.modelsownit.com/ from mid December.


  1. I think it's a bit crazy to pay that much for a nail varnish I would rather spend it on other beauty items x

  2. can i order mine on line from you ?

  3. Good god, the world has finally gone mad! £83,000 for nail varnish!!!


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