Monday 20 June 2011

Speed Review: New CID i-Blush

I really like New Cid Cosmetics, not least because their functional packaging is ideal for girls on the go like myself. I've been impressed with the quality of the makeup I've tried to date and so was excited to hear about i-Blush, a Light Up Blusher and Highlighter Compact, £24.

Whilst I like the functionality of the packaging, with clever details such as lights and even some of their smallest products featuring mirrors, I do find that the white plastic feels cheap. To me, it's a real shame because it detracts from the quality of the products themselves.

i-Blush features a split pan with one side containing a very wearable peachy, golden pink blush and the other the golden highlighter. I really liked the colours and found that I was easily able to create a natural, glowing complexion, despite being powder based as opposed to my prefered cream formulas. In fact, the only difficulty I had was containing the mess- I found there was a lot of "drop" with these powders.

Have you tried New Cid i-Blush as yet? What did you think?

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