Wednesday 23 November 2011

Speed Review: Elemis FreshSkin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash

You may remember that I recently trialled a couple of products from the Elemis FreshSkin range which launched earlier this year, aimed at those in their teens and early twenties. I've only just gotten around to trialling Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash and although I'm not in the target market for the FreshSkin range, I wanted to share my thoughts.

I tend to use a face wash in the morning for convenience and the packaging of Elemis FreshSkin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash certainly facilitates this. It's a functional pump bottle and it's transparent so that you can see how much product is remaining. If I were to be picky, I'd say that you can tell it's a cheaper sub-brand from Elemis as it lacks the sophistication of the main line but this could well be intentional so that it's not intimidating to the target market. I found that the dispenser gives a generous pump of product and in fact, I felt that I was wasting some of the cleanser due to not needing the full amount that was dispensed.
The name of the product is fun and I imagine that it would appeal to teenage girls. I was a little concerned that this would be reflected in the scent of the product but it's surprisingly fresh, with a delicate hint of peach which isn't at all sickly sweet.
Elemis FreshSkin Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash is a gel formula, suitable for all skin types, which contains hydrating chicory extract, conditioning elderflower and skin-awakening lemon extracts. Although I didn't find that my skin was as deeply cleaned as with, say a balm cleanser, I did find this comparable with other gel face washes I've tried. My skin felt clean and soft, with no tightness although I did need to moisturise.
At £12 for 100ml, it's more expensive than youraverage high street cleanser but if you're looking to introduce good skincare habits or want a better quality product that won't strip skin in the way that some mass market brands can, I'd recommend checking this out.

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