Saturday 14 April 2012

Guest Post: Hello Flawless- Foundation with Benefit

Today I'm delighted to be hosting my first ever guest post, which has been written by the fabulous Olivia Cox, beauty intern at Marie Claire magazine and blogger at So, without further ado I shall pass you over to Olivia...

Do you remember when all you wanted from your foundation was a pretty-much-ok-ish colour match? I remember dabbling with brands so frightful they shan't be named, with scents so putrid they made my eyes water. All in the name of "beauty".
Thankfully, those days are long gone- last year's arrival of hot Japanese import B.B. creams made sure of that. Sending ripples through Beautyland, these everything-in-one super creams caused humble slap to up its game: who wanted a cover-up to simply cover up, when you could halve your morning routine by using one with seven added benefits? Exactly.
So, no longer satisfied with traditional coverage, we now demand active ingredients, prefer multi-tasking solutions and quietly poo-poo a cover-up without SPF.
Cue Benefit's latest launch, Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation, £24.50.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation went on sale recently wih all the usual hallmarks of a department store foundation; vitamin C, vitamin E, high SPF... you know the drill. But what makes it seriously special is the use of cell-plumping oxygen- it is the first ever liquid foundation to do this. The super hydrating formula creates an instantly dewy and brightened complexion, giving the illusion of naturally better skin. The actual coverage is fairly light but that's ok. This foundation is about working with what you've got, rather than covering it all up.

Hello Flawless is available in nine shades from Benefit counters nationwide. If you plan to get your glow on this summer, this is the ONLY foundation you'll need.

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