Thursday 24 May 2012

Speed Review: Caudalie Cleansing Water

I've really been enjoying using Cleansing Waters lately and most recently, it's been the turn of the Caudalie Cleansing Water.

As with all cleansing waters, Caudalie Cleansing Water offers a quick and easy way to cleanse and remove makeup. Overall, I've been really impressed with the cleansing waters that I've tried and have been recommending them as an alternative option to facial cleansing wipes. After all, cleansing waters are equally simple and convenient to use but with far greater skincare benefits.

Caudalie Cleansing Water has the same distinctive, fresh scent as many of the products from their range. It feels refreshing to use although it's not so invigorating as to make it inappropriate for bedtime use. It contains a blend of antioxidant rich grape extracts, moisturising plant glycerin, toning mint, caraway, camomile and galbanum.
I found that I needed to use 3 saturated cotton wool pads to remove a full face of makeup, on average. Caudalie Cleansing Water feels gentle and is even suitable for use around the eyes, although on most occasions I still used a separate eye makeup remover. It effectively wipes away all traces of makeup and doesn't leave a "film" of residue on the face. My skin was left feeling hydrated and clean but not stripped. I'd recommend this to anyone but particularly those with sensitive skin.
At £15 for 200ml, I feel that this is fairly priced and in line with other brands such as Lierac (click here to read my review of the Lierac Cleansing Water).

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