Thursday 14 June 2012

Speed Review: Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup remover might not be the most exciting beauty product but it's an essential nonetheless. I've recently been using the Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover and felt it might be helpful to share my thoughts, although I don't wear waterproof mascara so I'm afraid that I can't comment on its effectiveness at removing this.

I was a little nervous before trying this. The reason being that I tend to think of Estee Lauder as a mid-range brand in the same vein as Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and such like. I have a tendancy to be more sceptical of the effectiveness of these powerhouse brands, although the upside of this is that when I like a product from one of them, I know it must be good! What's more, I've previously had a very bad reaction to a Clinique eye makeup remover which I can assure you, did not result in an attractive appearance! The skin around my eyes is sensitive and I also wear contact lenses so I was intrigued to see if this would live up to its "Gentle" name.

Upon first impressions, the bottle looks sleek and expensive. I liked that it was transparent so that I could see how much product was remaining. The formula is a clear, oil-free watery consistency. As it is very fluid, you need to pour onto a cotton pad with care to avoid wastage as it flows out of the bottle quickly. Having said this, I liked that the hole in the top is large enough to fit a Q-tip (cotton bud) into for precision tidy ups.

The Eye Makeup Remover feels cool & refreshing upon application and I'm pleased to report that the gentle formula did not irritate my sensitive eyes. However, you have to be careful not to get any of the product into your eye as I did when using a very saturated pad around my tear duct- it stings a lot if this happens! It works well to remove eye makeup without having to scrub at the area, however, I'm dubious as to whether it would be effective on waterproof mascara.

My main problem with this product is the price. At £18 for 100ml, it's undeniably expensive. I liked it and found that I kept coming back to it but I doubt that I could justify a repurchase when there's little to set it apart from cheaper, effective options such as those by teen brands, Amie or Elizabeth's Daughter (both of which I rate highly).

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