Monday 5 November 2012

Speed Review: Korres Wild Rose Foundation

I quite like Greek brand, Korres and although they're not quite as natural as I feel they make out, I was nonetheless keen to try their Wild Rose Foundation with SPF20 which combines colour coverage with skincare benefits.

Korres Wild Rose Foundation is presented in the brand's signature, minimalist packaging. On first impressions the bottle appears quite small but it's a standard 30ml size. It's a dark brown glass bottle and I wondered if this was to prevent oxidisation. I found it a little annoying that you had to peek inside to see how much was remaining. Perhaps the reason for the bottle appearing smaller than most is that there is no handy pump dispenser- you simply have the pour the liquid foundation out which I didn't like as it was difficult to control and as a result, I felt that some of the product was wasted. In fact, the main positive with regards to the packaging is that there's a metal mixing ball inside which made a satisfying rattling noise when the bottle was shaken.

Even though I wear SPF in my skincare everyday, I was impressed to note that Wild Rose Foundation contains SPF20. It also contains silicone (which is unusual for a natural brand) which enables the very liquid formula to blend well. I felt that it would lend itself well to application with a brush. The strong scent may not be to everyone's liking. It's a lightweight formula which doesn't sit heavily on the skin and what's more, it felt hydrating.
I opted for shade WRF1 which had quite yellow undertones, as do most of the shades in the range, from what I understand. A lot of people have complained that Wild Rose Foundation oxidises and discolours during wear and I have to admit that I also noticed this, although I didn't notice the orange tones which some have mentioned. For me, the coverage was too light- I prefer a fuller coverage. Having said this, I did like the finish which was smooth and soft, neither matte nor dewy but simply a lovely, velvet finish. Unfortunately, in spite of the silicone content, I didn't find this very long wearing.
At £20 for 30ml, I felt that it was overpriced (the Bourjois foundations are half the price and better in my opinion) and overall, I wouldn't repurchase it, however, if you're looking for a light coverage foundation to suit yellow undertone skin then this might be worth a look.

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