Wednesday 20 February 2013

Speed Review: Klorane Conditioner with Oat Milk

I'm a big fan of French pharmacy brands and am always sure to stock up whenever I cross The Channel. Whilst I love the skincare, I was also keen to try the cult Klorane Conditioner with Oat Milk, which is the focus of today's review.

As with many French pharmacy brands, the packaging is minimalist and earns chic points simply by way of its heritage. I liked the functional flip top dispenser and the fact that the plastic bottle is transparent so that I could tell how much was remaining.

The conditioner itself is very lightweight- in fact, it's one of the lightest conditioners I've ever used. It is pure white in colour and has a clean, baby powder scent which very much appealed to me. It rinsed out relatively easily.

My hair rarely gets knotty but with this, I noticed tangles which I struggled to brush out. On the plus side, it didn't weigh down my fine hair. What's more, it didn't irritate my sensitive scalp.

Admittedly, the bottle statea that it is designed for frequent use but even washing my normal, untreated hair (it isn't coloured and I haven't had any chemical treatments) on a daily basis, I found this failed to care for my hair in the way that I expect from a conditioner. I really wanted to like Klorane Conditioner with Oat Milk and I've found that by alternating it with my usual conditioner, I can get away with using it occasionally but once the bottle is used up, I won't be repurchasing.
Perhaps someone with oily hair would have more success with this but otherwise, I'd give it a miss.

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