Thursday 18 April 2013

Speed Review: Le Petit Marseillais Gel de Douche Zeste de Citron & Bergamote (Lemon Zest & Bergamot Shower Gel)

Today's review is of a product that I picked up in France, however, it can also be bought online.
I've recently been using the Le Petit Marseillais Gel de Douche Zeste de Citron & Bergamote, which translates as Lemon Zest and Bergamot Shower Gel from the French brand, Le Petit Marseillais.

The branding has a chic French quality to it but the slimline bottle is a fairly basic green plastic with a functional flip top dispenser. The label is a sticker, as opposed to being printed on the bottle, and after a couple of showers, it started to peel away.

The scent is from the "Recettes Mediterraneennes" line inspired by the Mediterrean and is a light, citrusy blend of lemon zest and bergamot, making it a refreshing choice for morning showers- I very much enjoyed the fragrance. The high concentration of SLS made for a fairly rich lather, however, I also found it drying on my skin and for this reason, I'd be unlikely to repurchase.

The bottle contains 250ml and given the relatively thin consistency of the shower gel, I found that I went through the bottle quite quickly. I picked this up for a couple of Euros in the French supermarket, making it a wallet friendly buy.

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