Monday 27 January 2014

Speed Review: Jason Volumizing Lavender Conditioner

I was recently sent Volumizing Lavender Conditioner from the natural brand, Jason, to review. Specially designed to add body to fine and limp hair, Jason Volumizing Lavender Conditioner appealed to me because I have fine hair, albeit a lot of it, meaning that I'm on a constant quest to achieve that oh-so-coveted big hair.

The plastic packaging is very basic in appearance and I have to confess that it probably wouldn't appeal to me if I saw it on a shop shelf. Having said this, it's functional with a flip top lid on the base of the bottle.

As the name suggests, Jason Volumizing Lavender Conditioner contains Lavender and Evening Primrose extracts to strengthen and fortify hair- which is important for fine hair which can break easily- along with Wheat Protein Amino Acids to boost volume and moisturising Jojoba Seed Oil. It is reassuringly free from Parabens, SLS and Phthalates.

The conditioner itself has a thick cream consistency with a pleasant lavender scent, which made it enjoyable to use in the evenings when washing my hair. However, I appreciate that there are some who don't like lavender & whilst the scent is definitely noticeable during use, I couldn't detect it once I'd dried & styled my hair.

Despite the thick formula, I found Jason Volumizing Lavender Conditioner relatively easy to rinse out. My hair was left feeling soft and silky and I was impressed at how shiny it looked. What's more, it was volumised, living up to the claims, with added movement without being weighed down. The only downside is that when I used the conditioner over a period of time, I started to notice product build up which weighed my hair down and for this reason, I personally wouldn't repurchase it. However, it's worth pointing out that I wash my hair daily and those with a less regular routine may not experience this.

I was impressed at the value for money that Jason Volumizing Lavender Conditioner offers. A little goes a long way so the generously sized bottle will last and last. It's very affordable at just £6.29 for a huge 454g bottle.

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