Friday 21 February 2014

Speed Review: Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It! Body Scrub

Today's review is of Anatomicals' Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It! Body Scrub. Anatomicals is an affordable brand which I'm not overly familiar with, yet have heard good things about. Nonetheless, given the price tag of just £3.60 for 200ml, I wasn't expecting anything indulgent nor did I feel that it would contain quality ingredients.

The tube instantly caught my attention thanks to its use of bold, playful colours and of course, the quirky name. What's more it provided functional packaging- after all, regular readers will know that I'm not a fan of tubs, particularly as a format for scrubs because I find them to be messy and unhygienic.

Anatomicals Don't Just Clean It Woman, Scrub It! Body Scrub is a clear gel with micro particles of walnut shell suspended in it. I really liked the scent- a fresh and zesty grapefruit which didn't come across as synthetic, as some fruity fragrances can. It created a generous lather.

My problem with the scrub, and the reason why I'd neither repurchase nor recommend it, is that it wasn't a remotely effective body scrub. It was so far from abrasive that I'd describe it as a shower gel with a very subtle exfoliating effect. It may be an affordable product but I don't feel that it delivers value for money and was left feeling disappointed at the results.


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