Friday 18 April 2014

Speed Review: Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream

You only had to look at the Skin Deep Beauty Awards 2013 to know that I'm a big fan of Clarins skincare so when I heard the news that a new cleanser was being introduced for 2014, I couldn't wait to check it out.

Essentially, this is an update on the existing Extra Comfort Cleanser (which I have never tried). I have to admit that I found the previous packaging, with the signature Clarins white and gold, to be more luxurious. I feel that in their attempts to modernise, they are aligning themselves a little too closely with the packaging of clinical brands such as Clinique, whilst I like that Clarins is luxurious, with quality ingredients, at the same time as being effective and results driven.

Having said this, the tube is functional with a flip top dispenser that allows for easy and hygienic dispensing with no wastage.

The formula of Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream is akin to a rich cream. It contains moringa seed extract, mango and shea butters, along with jojoba oil. A little goes a long way so the generously sized tube will last for a long time. Despite not being the cheapest cleanser, I feel that it represents good value for money at £25 for 200ml for this reason.

The rich formula felt comforting to apply to skin and I found that it was absorbed as I massaged it in. I appreciated that it is gentle enough for use on the delicate eye area. It has a pleasant scent. Clarins recommend a seven step removal process, whereby hands are used to make fast suction-like motions by quickly pressing down on the face and removing hands. This step is repeated seven times, working from the centre of the face towards the outside, then repeating five times on each side of the neck. The idea is supposedly that the cleanser thickens and produces a suction-like effect that releases and eliminates makeup, impurities and traces of pollution without irritating the skin or disturbing tissues. I found this removal process rather gimmicky and a bit of a faff but arguably, some people may enjoy the ritualistic aspect.

Following the seven steps, the cleanser designed to be rinsed or tissued off. I was concerned about leaving traces of the shea butter rich formula on my acne prone skin so I used a warm flannel (washcloth) to buff away the residue. My skin was left feeling thoroughly cleaned yet not stripped, only hydrated.

Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream is designed to be suitable for all skin types. Personally, I feel that this is a very pleasant cleanser and I'd recommend it for those with dry or mature skin types but feel that the inclusion of shea butter (whilst I didn't personally experience any problems) may mean that it is too rich for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

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