Wednesday 18 February 2015

Speed Review: Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream

Today's review is of Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream. I've tried facial skincare products from Avene previously but as this was my first foray into their other products, I was intrigued to check it out.

In keeping with the French pharmacy branding, the packaging is minimalist to the point of appearing clinical. It probably wouldn't jump out to me on a shop shelf. Having said this the tube is functional, with a flip top dispenser (the flip top is plastic wrapped as opposed to an outer box packaging) and I appreciated the handbag size of the 50ml tube.

The cream itself has a medium formula- it's by no means the richest I've tried, nor is it the most lightweight. It has a fresh floral scent similar to a light perfume, which I found to be quite pleasant.
I was impressed to note that it didn't leave a greasy residue on my hands.

Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream wouldn't be suited to those who favour natural products and whilst I'm not personally strict in my approach, I'd have preferred if the fourth ingredient wasn't listed as mineral oil.

It's designed to protect and soothe dry and damaged hands.  I'd agree with these claims as it does appear to protect against moisture loss (there is no SPF protection) and felt soothing to apply. Having said this, I think it's important to emphasise that whilst it offers some conditioning benefits, I don't feel that they are sufficient to nourish very dry hands & if this is your concern, then there are other hand creams which would be more beneficial (one such example being The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector).

Avene Cold Cream Hand Cream costs £6.50 for 50ml, which I feel is a reasonable price.

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