Tuesday 3 March 2015

Speed Review: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream

I must confess my laziness when it comes to caring for my hands- I don't like a greasy feeling on them, am constantly washing them and I'm undisciplined about wearing gloves. What's more, the regular application of hand sanitizer in my quest to remain healthy is also drying. Having said this, the wintery weather has been taking its toll on my hands, making hand cream a daily necessity.

On my desk at the moment is Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream.

The tube is functional but hardly luxurious in appearance. At 60g, the tube is conveniently sized for travel or to carry in my handbag.

I picked this up because the "Fast Absorbing" name appealed to me and I've been impressed that it does indeed live up to this. Despite containing mineral oil (which I associate with products sitting on skin rather than sinking in), it doesn't leave a greasy residue which means it's gained a thumbs up from me.

The texture is relatively lightweight albeit still a cream rather than a lotion. It has a silky feeling and I was unsurprised to note the inclusion of dimethicone in the ingredients list.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream boasts the signature Palmer's cocoa butter fragrance but I didn't find it to be overpowering.

Following use, my hands were left feeling soft and conditioned. At approximately £2.50 for 60g, this is a good basic which I'd recommend checking out.

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