Wednesday 13 May 2015

Speed Review: Time Bomb Hand To Hand Combat Hand Cream

Today's review is of Time Bomb Hand To Hand Combat Hand Cream.

This is the first product I've tried from Lulu's Time Bomb range. Admittedly, I presume that I'm not in the singer's target market but I've always been somewhat dismissive of the range. This is primarily because I don't tend to go for celebrity ranges but also because I find it a little contradictory that her range is focussed on anti-ageing yet it's no secret that Lulu has had work done.

Having said that, I liked the packaging. Time Bomb Hand To Hand Combat Hand Cream is presented in a matte, baby pink slimline tube which is a travel friendly 75ml (it's also available in 30ml trial size and 150ml fan size). The silver writing adds a sense of luxury. I thought that the branding was well thought out with references to the Time Bomb name and emphasis on anti-ageing, for example "Bombshell Body" being the bodycare line within the range. The hand cream is called Hand to Hand Combat Hand Cream, suggestive of fighting ageing.

The tube packaging is functional and meant that it was easy to control how much product was dispensed, avoiding wastage. The hand cream has a subtle scent of lavender, which I found quite pleasant.

I really liked the smooth, velvety texture of the cream and wasn't surprised to notice the inclusion of Dimethicone within the ingredients list (it also contains vitamin E, shea butter, olive oil, glycerin, pea extract and Moroccan argan oil). The cream's texture is the perfect balance between being lightweight yet nourishing. It was easily absorbed and left my hands feeling soft and smooth without a greasy residue.

At £14.50 for 75ml, it's not the cheapest hand cream but I enjoyed using this and would recommend checking it out.


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