Friday 11 March 2016

Speed Review: Inecto Deliciously Rich Coconut Bath & Shower Cream

Inecto Coconut Shower Cream review

Before a recent holiday, I picked up a tube of Inecto Deliciously Rich Coconut Bath & Shower Cream, having been advised that it's known as an effective mosquito repellent. Whilst I can't comment on whether or not it proved effective (as I layered other anti-mosquito products with it), I wanted to share my thoughts on the product as a shower cream.

The packaging is in keeping with the wallet friendly price tag but isn't offensive. I liked that the key ingredient & scent is clearly communicated through the packaging's design.

Whilst the tube packaging is relatively functional, I'd have preferred the convenience of a flip top lid over the screw top. A pump dispenser would be even better owing to the texture of the shower cream. It is a lightweight milk with a fairly liquid consistency which meant that I found it a little difficult to control how much was dispensed, resulting in some wastage.

The inclusion of SLS within the formula meant that I was able to work the shower cream into a rich and creamy lather.

I found the coconut fragrance to be pleasant and not sickly sweet or overly synthetic. I couldn't detect the scent on my skin after my shower.

Despite the company's claims that the formula is moisturising, I needed to moisturise my skin following use.

Inecto Deliciously Rich Coconut Bath & Shower Cream costs £1.99 for 250ml which I feel is a fair price.


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