Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Speed Review: Argan Plus Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash

Apologies readers, it's been a while since I last logged on and shared a review. It's been hectic and with one thing & another, blogging has had to take a back seat. In light of this busy time, the Argan Plus Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash appealed to me- after all, I've needed all the help I can get in the invigorating and energising department!

I picked this up on offer as the green tube, which clearly communicates the key ingredient, appealed to me when I saw it on the shop shelf. I like to have a separate morning and evening (for those post-gym nights) body wash to suit the mood of the time of day and the invigorating promises of this captured my attention, not least because I'm far from a morning person! When it came to usage, the tube proved functional and I liked that it allowed for easy control when dispensing the product.

Argan Plus Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash has a relatively thick, pearlised gel texture. I must confess to not liking pearlised gel formats as I tend to think of them as cheap and poor quality. That said, this was easy to work into a fairly generous lather, perhaps unsurprising given the inclusion of SLS. A bath puff would make it go even further.

As the name suggests, Argan Plus Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash has a refreshing scent which I found to be reminiscent of fresh Moroccan Mint tea. I couldn't detect the scent on my skin following use. I liked the Moroccan link, tying together the scent with the brand's key message (Argan Oil tends to be from the Country).

Following use, my skin felt fresh and clean but a little dry so I couldn't forgo moisturiser. It worked as an affordable body wash which did the job but I'd be unlikely to repurchase as for me, it lacked that indulgence factor which I love to incorporate. Argan Plus Moroccan Mint Invigorating Body Wash costs £4.15 for 200ml.

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