Thursday 8 July 2010

Continuing travels of a beauty blogger...

Today, I created my own eau de parfum, with the help of a "nose" at the house of Galimard which was founded in 1747. Named after today's date as the ultimate souvenir, my summery fragrance contained my favourite aromas including top notes of refreshing grapefruit, blackcurrant, green tea and bergamot, followed by floral heart notes of violet, rose, gardenia, linden, pomegranate and a hint of fig with a warm, sweet base of vanilla, praline and oriental sandalwood.

I returned again to create a sensual, spicy blend for Mr. SkinDeep, which I'm hoping he'll like! Although his usual D&G choice is spicy, this has a greater depth. Again, my inspiration for the name came from a date, this time our anniversary (no excuses for forgetting now!). It was interesting to create a men's fragrance by comparison, with much more powerful scents and different concentrations employed. I chose a base of vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood followed by heavy, spicy heart notes of bamboo, carnation, wild jasmine and fig balanced by fresh, citrusy top notes including tomato, orange blossom, bergamot, lavender and physalis.

Unfortunately, on this visit, I ran out of time to visit the Musee International de la Parfumerie and perhaps, if I had, I would have viewed a selection of unusual or quirky bottles. Although I viewed antique examples on my various trips around the perfume houses, nothing in particular stood out. However, I am sure I will return. I've absolutely fallen in love with the "behind the scenes" creation of products and whilst I lack the patience and discipline (smoking, alcohol and spicy foods are all forbidden) to ever train as a "nose" myself, I have gained a deep admiration for those who do and will continue my interest in the manufacture of products.

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