Tuesday 13 July 2010

Product Review: Famous Dave's Moisture Tan

Although I am naturally fair, I'm lucky in that I tan easily which means that my skin tone is quite versatile- pale & interesting suits me equally as well as a rich, honey tan. As a general rule, I tend to highlight my fair skin with glosses but come summer, I embrace my exotic side and experiment with fake tan. I'm not afraid of making mistakes, which is a blessing for a beauty writer and have had my fair share of streaky, tango-shade disasters (top tip: rubbing a freshly cut lemon helps to erase mistakes).

This week, I trialled Famous Dave's Moisture Tan. The American tanning brand has quickly gained a dedicated fan base so in this respect, I had high expectations although the fun packaging, with its circus inspired typeface did make me doubt how effective it would be at delivering a natural experience.

Following the law of fake tanning, I applied the lightweight formula to freshly exfoliated skin. I was impressed at how simple it was to apply using the handy mitt which the PR thoughtfully included in the package and the speed at which it dries onto skin. The presentation in a convenient pump bottle also cuts down on mess. The lotion isn't tinted so I'd say that the mitt is a necessary tool to ensure even application- there's not really any way of telling where you have or haven't already applied. There's no denying the inevitable "biscuit-y" odour as the tan develops but it certainly wasn't unbearable or as strong as I've experienced with some other brands.

The results really speak for themselves. I'm incredibly impressed with the natural shade (I don't resemble an oompa lumpa!!) which isn't dissimilar to the colour I normally tan and will be relying on this for beach prep throughout the summer.

£24.99 for 236ml at www.famousdave.co.uk

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