Wednesday 22 December 2010

Speed Review: Occo Protecting Lip Balm

Continuing the theme of winter beauty saviours, I've been using Occo Protecting Lip Balm over the past few weeks.
Occo is a new brand on the beauty scene and this is one of the first products I've tried from them. Before we come to my review, here's a little background on the Company...
Pitched as a luxury spa brand, Occo's products are made in the UK using the finest natural ingredients and the range is inspired by the resources of the Dalmation Coast and Adriatic Sea...think citrus groves, vineyards, fig orchards and wild flower meadows. All products are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial colours and petrochemicals. Their 100% natural fragrance formulations are blended in Grasse, France which regular readers will recall I happily visited in the summer.
Occo's branding is right on the money- their logo and font are easily recognisable and if you haven't heard of the brand as yet, I'd commit it to memory as I strongly suspect they're going to be big.
So... onto the lip balm. I have to admit that my first impression, once I'd gotten over the excitement of finally trying something from Occo, was that their packaging is rather excessive for a small tub of lip balm (encased in a box). I understand that they're trying to portray an impression of luxury but I did feel that it went somewhat against their natural image. However, having researched this, I'm happy to report that their packaging is sustainable and fully recyclable, even going so far as being printed with soya ink.
The lip balm retails at £12 which I think is a fair price given it's position- that's the same as the Aromatherapy Associates one for example. It's also a whole lot cheaper than my all time favourite, Creme de la Mer The Lip Balm & the consistency is pretty similar, with a smooth, buttery texture which is easy to apply. The lip balm has a slight herbal scent which I found hard to pinpoint but certainly didn't dislike. It definitely leaves lips softened and soothed although I've found, particularly in this cold weather, that I needed to apply it fairly regularly so it's a shame that it's only available in a tub rather than a tube which could be hygenically applied on-the-go.

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