Saturday 4 December 2010

Speed Review: Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes

LA facialist, Ole Henriksen, is extending his bestselling Truth Serum line with the introduction of new products including these brand new Truth To Go Wipes which I was sent to test.
I've tried a limited number of Ole Henriksen products in my time and much as I want to fall in love with this brand- for one thing, the brightly coloured packaging looks fabulous in my bathroom- I simply haven't yet found a product which I can't live without.
With that in mind, perhaps facial wipes weren't the best product for me to trial but I wanted to test something quickly to give my lovely readers a feel of the new products in the range whilst they're still current.
I admit that I'm not the biggest fan of facial wipes as I prefer a really thorough cleanse. Having said that, I do appreciate their appeal, understand that it's quite wide ranging and believe that if you're going to fall into bed drunk/ exhausted/ abroad, it's better to use wipes for a quick make-up removal than nothing at all. As I'd expect, the packaging is fantastic. It looks great in the bright orange colour which is signature to the Truth line and this also works well for wipes if you're travelling and want to find them quickly, for example. The packaging is also functional with a plastic flip lid rather than simply a resealable one to maintain the moisture of the wipes. I also like that when you pull out one wipe, the others stay put rather than popping up in a concertina effect.
At £20 for 30 wipes, these really aren't cheap in comparision to other brands (in fact, they're the most expensive wipes I've come across to date) but calculated on a price per use basis, 67p isn't bad for a speedy cleanse.
I'm familiar with Truth Serum and although it hasn't worked any wonders for me personally, I am addicted to the gorgeous orange scent so I was delighted to discover that these wipes replicate that.
The wipes are suitable for all skin types. I have fairly sensitive skin but these didn't irritate & for a wipe, they were a pleasure to use, feeling gentle rather than stripping the skin. The packaging states that they contain essential fatty acids to nourish the skin. Again, I'm not sure how many benefits can truly be gained from a quick sweep but I certainly didn't find them dehydrating which is a big plus point, especially at this time of year. I particularly liked that they can be used to remove eye make-up as well.
Let's face it, wipes aren't going to work any wonders for your skin but if you are going to use some, I would recommend these as for facial wipes, they're not bad at all. I'll be keeping them by my bed for emergency skincare following late ones over the festive season.


  1. Skin Deep - is there anything we need to look for or avoid when buying wipes? Is there really any difference between own brand tesco, Johnsons, or these (very expensive) Ole Henriksen wipes (except brand name and packaging)?

  2. If you're on a budget, I say buy the best cleanser & moisturiser you can afford, making savings on items such as facial wipes, particularly if it's not something you use regularly.
    Personally, I try to buy the most natural products I can which sometimes means spending a little more. I have found other brands of wipes I've tried quite drying whereas these left a nourishing residue on my skin. I'd definitely avoid any brands with a high alcohol content which will strip your skin. Hope this helps!


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