Tuesday 15 February 2011

Speed Review: Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub

This week I was sent the new Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub to trial.
My immediate impression was that the packagaing was far from unique. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I have to wonder just how happy Soap & Glory are about Dirty Works' packaging. It's undeniably similar and if the two brands were placed alongside on a shop shelf, I'd have difficulty distinguishing where one ended and the other began. Having said this, lots of brands take inspiration from others so it's somewhat unfair to single out Dirty Works in this respect. Luckily, I really like this style of fun, girlie packaging and given how successful it has proven, I'm not alone. The scrub is presented in an easy to use tube and is priced at an affordable £4.99 for 125ml.
The scrub has a feminine, fruity scent with undertones of menthol which become more apparent once applied to the skin. It's a lightweight gel-cream texture with very small, non abrasive grains of jojoba beads. So far, so good.
You don't need to apply much but I have to say that I really didn't enjoy this being on my skin. It has an intense, tingly feeling which simply felt too strong for my sensitive skin. The scrub has a cooling effect on the skin and it's certainly refreshing for morning use. It is easy to rinse and once my skin had calmed down, I was impressed at how soft it was left feeling, almost plumped and glowing with radiance.
I'd recommend this for those with oily skin who suffer from blackheads but I'm afraid that anyone with sensitive skin, like myself, probably wouldn't find this best suited despite the positive end result.


  1. A great post / review.
    Sounds like my kind of scrub :)
    But yes, the packaging is just too similar to S&G (and I'm a big fan of them) - not sure about that.
    Will test it out though - in need of a new scrub (and a bit of variety.. My St Ives does the job but been using it for months now)


  2. I've been quite surprisingly happy with the Dirty Works stuff I've reviewed. Yeah the packaging looks like S&G but who cares?

  3. Dirty works definitely does make some great stuff, I got a problem with getting rid of blackheads. Im gonna give this stuff a shot nd hopefully it works as well as you say it does.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this scrub. I bought it today because i have tried so many different products to get rid of my blackheads on my nose and chin also spot and i put alot of my skin and scrubbed and it already, on the second time got rid of alot and left my skin feeling like a babys bottom. i aggree with the tingly feeling but i like that feeling and this product works better that pore strips which i use and never work.


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