Tuesday 10 May 2011

Speed Review: Molton Brown Ambrusca Cleansing Shower Oil

I first discovered shower oils on a trip to Canada and rather like them so when I was sent a sample of Molton Brown's Ambrusca version from http://www.beautyexpert.co.uk/, I didn't delay in cracking open the bottle.

As with all Molton Brown products the packaging is sleek and a joy to have on display in the bathroom. It's functional as well, with a slide back lid to allow easy dispensing of the oil without wastage.
The texture is akin to a very thick shower gel which emulsifies with the water. In spite of the fact that I've been using Ambrusca Cleansing Shower Oil for a few weeks, the bottle looks barely touched as you only need to use a small amount per shower. I found that this texture makes the product good for shaving with as well.
The scent is fresh and woody, making it a pleasant unisex choice. I love that it left my skin feeling refreshed and cared for, without any greasiness. In fact, don't be fooled into thinking you can get away without moisturising- you still need to as I found that my naturally dry skin was screaming for lotion on the one occasion that I did attempt to forgo it. In this respect, it's a little disappointing compared to the Aromatherapy Associates oils (where you can skip the moisturising step) but they are two very different products in the way they react in the shower so that's not necessarily a fair comparison.
At £22.50 for 200ml, it's a pricey option for a daily shower product but it definitely satisfies as a luxury treat and given how long it lasts, I could probably just about justify the expense.

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  1. Yeah Molton Brown - always a pleasure never a chore! :D


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