Saturday 10 December 2011

Speed Review: Amway Artistry Time Defiance Intensive Repair Daily

A long time ago, I was set an A-level Business Studies project on Amway but I've never tried any of the products before now. I was recently sent a sample of Amway Artistry Time Defiance Intensive Repair Daily, which I've been using approx. a month. Now, I either did a really bad project or they have seriously upped their game because I imagined Amway to be pitched around the Avon, Vie at Home level. However, once I received the sample, I was impressed with the sleek packaging which felt far more luxurious than I had been expecting. The directions are clear and straightforward. Simply apply to clean skin ahead of moisturiser in the same way in which you'd use a serum.
I liked that Intensive Repair Daily has very little scent as my sensitive skin has been playing up recently and I'm trying to avoid aggrevating it. My favourite aspect was that the smooth texture didn't feel sticky when I applied it to my skin and I certainly couldn't feel it "sitting" on my skin.
I'd say that you need to use quite a lot in order to cover the entire face and neck so I'm not sure how long the bottle would last and for me, this was definitely a downside.
I'd recommend this for people in their mid 20s- mid 30s who are starting to see or worry about the first signs of aging. It's not a miracle worker but I certainly felt that my skin benefitted as a result of Intensive Repair Daily being incorporated into my regime.
The only compaint I have (and this relates back to how much you have to use) is the price. At £74.50 for 30ml it's not cheap and although I enjoyed using it, I'd struggle to justify the expense.

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  1. wow that is rather expensive!! Maybe one for the Christmas wish list!! x


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