Wednesday 4 January 2012

Skin Deep talks to...

Samantha Field, PR for KMS California and Goldwell Haircare

SD: Why beauty PR?
SF: I started with Goldwell & KMS California as a Marketing & Events co-ordinator but as the brands evolved so did my involvement and I decided that I wanted to move into PR. I have always loved writing, a key skill for the role- and I also love beauty so it seemed like the perfect career move for me! The company were great and supported me while I retrained- even setting up external internships for me!

SD: What is the best aspect of your role?
SF: The people within the vibrant hairdressing industry. It's such a fun, charismatic and intriguing industry where you get to meet interesting people, the events are enjoyable not dull and sober and there is a lot of room for creative license!

SD: And the worst?
SF: Hmm, probably my lazy hair days! When I tell people that I work within the hair industry they automatically look at my hair, which is generally quite messy (I call it "undone-chic). On the bright side, I work with a lot of lovely and generous hairdressers who are happy to style my hair for big events... thank goodness!

SD: What would you be doing if you weren't working in beauty PR?
SF: It's a bit of a cliche these days but I would love to run a tea shop/ photography gallery. I love baking cakes and drinking tea so it would be an extension of my everyday life, and my fiance is a photographer!

SD: What is the best insider tip you've picked up?
SF: Always shampoo your hair twice. Firstly to loosen the oil and dirt and secondly to deeply cleanse. Beverly C told me this and it makes such a difference to the feel of your hair.
SD: You have 5 minutes to get ready- what do you do?
SF: Easy! I spritz my hair with KMS HAIRPLAY makeover spray which acts like a dry shampoo, then spray KMS HAIRPLAY dry wax on the ends of my hair and ruffle up for my signature undone look! Then I'd apply a ton of Lancome Hypnose Mascara, some Daniel Sandler Watercolor on my cheeks (I just bought his limited edition POP shade- it's gorgeous) and I'm good to go!

SD: Any beauty guilty pleasures? 
SF: I still love the smell of Dewberry from The Body Shop, even after all these years. When they brought back the body lotion last year I was a bit too excited...

SD: Any favourite treatments?
SF: I love using Soap & Glory Heel Genius foot cream. It's so nice to slather it all over your feet and pop a pair of socks on before bed- it feels lovely.

SD: What are your desert island beauty essentials?
SF: Moisturiser, KMS Silksheen Leave-in Conditionr and a Vaseline lip balm.

SD: What do you predict will be the next big thing in beauty? SF: That's tough! Who knows, there are always so many new products and services to keep up with. I do think hair colour trends are becoming more adventurous though, and this year is going to be huge for cool violet and copper tones.
SD: Finally, what does Skin Deep mean to you?
SF: Beautiful is being happy, healthy and kind... the rest is just an enhancement!

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  1. I always wanted to own a teashop, but I never liked tea. The teapots and teacups etc are all just so pretty!!

    I love how everyone uses soap and glory products... they're amazing value!!

    The Best Beauty Buys xx


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