Sunday 8 January 2012

Speed Review: Naked Get Fresh Minty Menthol Body Wash

I'm a big fan of the affordable, natural range, Naked. Regular readers may recall that their Take Care Naked Orange Blossom Body Wash won the Best Shower Gel category in my first annual Skin Deep Awards 2010 so I was looking forward to trying Minty Menthol Body Wash.

As the name suggests, Minty Menthol Body Wash has a sweet mint scent which makes it ideal for morning use. I certainly found it helped to wake me up, although it's not as energising as the Shiffa Basil, Mint & Black Pepper Shower Gel which I tried last year. The scent doesn't linger on skin once dry.
The website also recommends it as a cooling choice post-workout but not being a gym bunny, I can't comment on this.
The gel itself is quite thick and would lend itself well to use with a shower puff. I liked the functional bottle which is transparent so that you can see how much product is remaining.
At a wallet friendly £3.99 for 250ml, I think that this, like all of the Naked Shower Gels, represents good value for money. I highly recommend the range for everyday use.

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