Sunday 7 October 2012

Speed Review: Rodial 5 Minute Facial

If you watched my September Glossybox Unboxing video (click here to view), then you'll know that one of the samples I received was Rodial 5 Minute Facial (2 x 1ml sachets), which I've just tried out.
Rodial is one of my favourite brands and whilst I don't always agree with their shock tactics when it comes to naming products, I love that they deliver results so I was excited to see it included in my Glossybox.

5 Minute Facial is designed as a gently exfoliating and decongesting mask, with active ingredients to rejuvenate. It claims to clarify and absorb impurities, reduce pore size and reveal smooth, bright, glowing skin. The full size mask is presented in a functional 50ml tube, with Rodial's signature sleek branding and it's also available as a sample pack of 10 x 1ml sachets, costing £10.95.

In my Unboxing video, I mentioned that whilst I'd prefer not to receive products in sachets (given that it's a deluxe sample service and I associate sachets with magazine freebies), I was pleased to see they'd included not one but two sachets of Rodial 5 Minute Facial. However, when I came to try the mask, I was disappointed to realise that a single 1ml sachet contained such a miniscule amount of product that I could just about cover my chin with the mask. I made a quick enquiry on Twitter and I found that I was not alone. Using both the sachets along with a couple which I had previously received (4 in total), I was able to sparingly cover my face although it was such a faff & effort that the indulgence factor was somewhat diminished. For this reason, I certainly wouldn't recommend purchasing the sample pack.

The mask is meant to be applied generously, however, that wasn't really an option. I appreciate that Rodial is a luxury brand with a pricetag to match, yet the point of sample box services is to try products that you might not otherwise get the chance to & decide whether to repurchase.

Having said this, I actually rather liked 5 Minute Facial and if I'd tried the full size tube, then I suspect that this would be a glowing review. The mask itself is a clay mask which was white and chalky in appearance. It felt quite grainy (yet gentle) to apply and had a lightweight  "whipped" texture. This meant that it dried quickly and once set, it felt tight on my face. It had a pleasant fresh, fruity scent which wasn't overpowering.
As the name suggests, 5 Minute Facial should be left on for a minimum of five minutes. This appealed to me as it's not a big commitment in a busy lifestyle. The directions suggest that the mask can be gently peeled/ rubbed off which I struggled to do. Instead, I reached for my trusty muslin cloth and with the help of some warm water, simply removed using a circular motion. With this method, the mask was removed easily and there was no need to scrub at my skin.

My skin felt quite dried out following use so this might be a good choice for those looking to control excess oil. Having said this, it also looked healthy, glowing and felt smooth & deeply cleaned. My skin appeared slightly firmed and the texture was noticeably refined. I was impressed with the results- once again, a Rodial product has delivered on its claims- and would definitely consider repurchasing 5 Minute Facial.
The full size costs £35 for 50ml which isn't cheap- Rodial products never are- but given the skimpy size of the sachets, I feel that it's worth biting the bullet and investing in the tube which offers far better value for money (if you need to justify it, the tube offers a saving of almost £20 compared to the same volume purchased as sachets).


  1. Such a shame the samples were a let down, but the mask itself does sound really good. Something for my wishlist I think. x

  2. The mask sounds great but that's really expensive! I think it would be totally worth it in the long run though.

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