Friday 5 October 2012

Speed Review: Tommyguns Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Sweet Almond Conditioner

A lot of people rave about Tommyguns and yet, despite having tried a couple of their haircare products, it's not a range which I feel overly familiar with and as such, wasn't sure what to expect when I came to try their Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Sweet Almond Conditioner.
Tommyguns Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Sweet Almond Conditioner is a hydrating conditioner, designed to treat dry, damaged and coloured hair. According to the blurb, it contains a blend of active ingredients to help strengthen hair and add moisture so that colour is protected and lacklustre locks are boosted with vitality and shine. Jasmine helps to nourish and revitalise hair; Sweet Almond rejuvenates and intensely conditions, whilst Wild Nettle moisturises and soothes & calms the scalp. So, did it live up to its claims?
My first impression was very positive. I liked the sleek packaging which is suggestive of an expensive product. Having said this, I'd have preferred the functionality of a pump dispenser or even a flip cap as opposed to the screw top. From the first time I used the product in my shower, the label took on the texture of wet paper and the text faded which I felt cheapened the packaging.
I was surprised at the formula which isn't as thick as I was expecting given that the conditioner is designed for dry, damaged and coloured hair. I'd say it's akin to a body lotion in terms of formula and as such, I found there to be a fair amount of wastage as a result of having to pour the conditioner out of the bottle. The scent is absolutely incredible- a floral burst of sweet jasmine which I found very indulgent. I appreciate that for some, it may be overpowering but the scent didn't linger once I'd dried and styled my hair. I found Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Sweet Almond Conditioner was relatively easy to rinse out of my hair.
The first time I used this, I couldn't believe the results. My fine but frizz prone hair was left looking as sleek as if I'd had it professionally styled, frizz free and yet not weighed down. It felt soft & silky, looked shiny and simply beautiful. I really was very, very impressed. Unfortunately, I found the conditioner to be too rich to use every time I washed my hair and it did start to become weighed down (having said this, bear in mind that I have fine hair which I wash every day- i.e. not the hair type that Jasmine, Wild Nettle and Sweet Almond Conditioner is designed for) but I've been able to make it work for me by only reaching for it every other time that I wash my hair.
At £5.50 for 250ml, I feel that this offers good value for money. It's easily comparable to salon brand products and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this to someone with dry, damaged or coloured hair. I really liked it and look forward to discovering more from the Tommyguns range.

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