Wednesday 26 March 2014

Speed Review: The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub

In an attempt to slough off those dulling dead winter skin cells, I've been reaching for my body scrubs more regularly recently. With that in mind, today's review is of The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub.

The scrub is presented in one of The Body Shop's signature plastic tubs, which I have to admit that I'm not a fan of. I'd have preferred the functionality of a tube.

As the name suggests, The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub has a rich, creamy texture with exfoliating particles of crushed almond shells which are fairly concentrated within the scrub. This means that it's a satisfyingly abrasive scrub, ideal for use at this time of year. You don't need to use a lot of the product for a thorough exfoliation.

The granules also give the scrub a comforting scent with a hint of almond that lingers slightly following use. The downside is that, unlike sugar or salt based scrubs, the granules don't dissolve so my shower was left looking pretty messy following use.

My skin was left feeling soft and smooth. It didn't feel tight or stripped, however, the creamy element didn't provide sufficient nourishment for me to be able to forgo moisturiser. There's no moisturising residue left on the skin following use so it would be a good choice for those who dislike scrubs which leave an oily residue. Personally, I don't mind such scrubs- in fact, I appreciate that they save me the chore of moisturising- although scrubs which leave a residue don't lend themselves well to use before fake tanning, so if you prefer to bronze from a bottle then this scrub would be a good addition to your body care routine.

At £12.50 for 200ml, I do find The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub to be slightly overpriced. However, I enjoyed it and feel that it's worth checking out-  maybe just wait until it goes on offer before picking it up.

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  1. That scrub looks appealing.


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