Thursday 6 March 2014

Speed Review: Organic Surge Nourish 2-Minute Moisture Mask

I don't believe that I've ever tried a haircare product from affordable natural brand and blogger favourite, Organic Surge before. However, when I saw that they offered a 2-Minute Moisture Mask, my attention was captured. I like to treat my tresses with hair masks every couple of weeks but sometimes lack the patience to use masks which have to be left on for more than five minutes so this one, which emphasises quick results appealed to me.

Presented in a plastic tub, the packaging is unassuming but not offensive. I'd have preferred the functionality of a tube dispenser.

Organic Surge Nourish 2-Minute Mask has a lightweight, silky texture which meant that it was easy to work through my hair. The mask has a coconut oil base and this is evident in the scent, although I couldn't detect it in my hair once it was dried and styled.

I was impressed that the mask was relatively easy to rinse out. My fine hair wasn't weighed down but was simply left feeling soft. I didn't notice any improvement in the shine and it was a little fluffy so needed some work when it came to styling. Despite the claims, I'm not convinced that this would be suitable for those with very dry or damaged hair but nonetheless, this is a good mask for giving hair a quick boost.

At £6.99 for 150ml, I'm not sure that I'd repurchase it. It's affordable but there are better wallet friendly masks on the market.

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