Sunday 4 May 2014

Speed Review: The Sanctuary Relax Unwind Luxury Bath Soak

I rarely indulge in baths, preferring the convenience of a shower but on the rare occasions that I do enjoy a soak in the tub, I like to make it a truly pampering experience. I light candles, switch my phone onto silent and add a bath soak to the water. I've been trying out the recently re-launched range from The Sanctuary, specifically the Unwind Luxury Bath Soak from the Relax line.

The Sanctuary Relax Unwind Luxury Bath Soak contains essential oils to aid relaxation and calm the senses, helping to unwind after a stressful day. Vetivert helps to calm the mind, Cedarwood promotes a sense of clarity and Labdanum provides gentle relaxation. It also contains Milk and Honey along with Lotus and Sweet Almond Oil to soothe skin and leave it feeling silky soft. The formula is free from parabens.

The plastic packaging isn't the most luxurious but I liked that there is a purely aesthetic cap which pulls off to uncover the second lid. However, when it came to using the product, the squeezy nature of the plastic bottle helped to dispense it. The directions are a little unclear as to how much to use, simply stating "pour generously under warm, running water." I took the "generous" direction literally and I'd say that I used approximately an eighth of the bottle in one large bath. For this reason, I don't think that the bottle would last for very long if you bathe regularly.

I thought that the room filling fragrance smelt sophisticated and expensive. It's the kind of spicy, sensual scent which I adore so I was pleased that it lingered on my skin following use. I could easily see myself getting addicted to it!

The Sanctuary Relax Unwind Luxury Bath Soak is definitely a bubble bath. The high concentration of SLS meant that a generous amount of bubbles was created, which many people look for in a bath soak. Personally, I was concerned that the SLS laden formula would prove drying on my skin and for this reason, I wouldn't forgo moisturising afterwards.

Whether it was the product, the effect of taking some "me-time" in the bath or simply a placebo, I did feel that it helped me to unwind and I felt calm afterwards, although the effects weren't so relaxing that I felt sleepy.

At £10 for 300ml, it's not the cheapest bath product and given how much I used, I'm not sure how much value for money it represents. Having said this, I was impressed overall and in particular, can only reiterate how much I enjoyed the fragrance so for this reason, I'd recommend it as an affordable luxury.

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