Friday 16 May 2014

Speed Review: The Sanctuary Spa Sleep Smoothing Silk Polish

I've really been enjoying the re-launched ranges from The Sanctuary recently and have so far put the Relax and Sleep lines to the test. Today's review is of the Smoothing Silk Polish from the Sleep range.

On first impressions, I liked the packaging. The purple colour and matte finish of the tube added a certain luxurious quality. The directions were clear and I liked the inclusion of a Therapist's Tip to reiterate the home spa message. What's more, I appreciated the functionality of the tube dispenser.
I found it unusual to use a body scrub before bed as I usually prefer to apply this kind of product in the morning to boost circulation and help awaken. However, the incredible fragrance makes it ideal for night time use. The scent is a luxurious combination of Ylang Ylang to reduce tension and relieve stress, Frankincense to clarify and calm, and Patchouli to help reduce anxiety before sleep. I absolutely adored the fragrance, finding it to be reminiscent of far more expensive products. I really found it to be a joy to use.
Whilst I found the creamy texture (which sank into my skin) enjoyable to use, the scrub itself lacked the satisfyingly abrasive quality that I favour. The exfoliating granules of ground coconut shell simply aren't sufficiently concentrated within the product. Admittedly, it's described as a gentle polish and as this is a term which I associate with lighter, less thorough formulas than scrubs, perhaps it's unsurprising. However, even when following the therapist's tip of applying to dry skin prior to showering, I still didn't find it to offer the effectiveness that I desired.
The Sanctuary Spa Sleep Smoothing Silk Polish didn't leave a residue on my skin following use and whilst my skin didn't feel tight, dry or stripped, I was unable to forego moisturiser. My skin did feel smooth so whilst I didn't find it to be as thorough a scrub as I'd like, I'd say that it lives up to the smoothing name. The incredible scent helped me to unwind and feel relaxed before bed.
Despite not being abrasive enough for my personal taste, I feel that The Sanctuary Spa Sleep Smoothing Silk Polish represents good value for money at £8 for 200ml. I'm eager to try out more of the products within the same line and would be keen to see if there is a body wash in the same fragrance.



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  2. Please bring this Smoothing Silk Polish back. Nothing else can touch it.


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