Thursday 13 November 2014

Speed Review: HealGel Body

Despite launching back in 2008, the HealGel range has recently seemed to spring up out of nowhere, making leaps in popularity and becoming an overnight success story, winning various awards.

I've recently been trialling the latest addition to the range, HealGel Body. The product is described as an advanced, scientifically- designed, skin rescue body formula.

British model, Suki Waterhouse is already a fan, stating, "As a model I often work in extreme weather conditions or under harsh lighting so my skin can get a bit dry. I've started to use HealGel Body in between shoots and it helps keep my skin really soft and smooth."

As is the case with the other products in the range, HealGel Body is presented in a white box which is colour coded to signify the product inside, in this case, yellow. The packaging has a clinical feel to it that gives a nod to the cult brand's origins. Inside is a 100ml tube with an appearance which reflects that of the outer packaging.

Whilst travel friendly, 100ml is an unusually small size for a body moisturiser and I'm not sure how long the tube would last, particularly given that the directions recommend applying 2-3 times per day (seriously, who has the time?!). I was quite surprised at the ingredients listing, which includes a high concentration of propylene glycol as well as silicones.

It is a slightly opaque gel which absorbed with incredible ease into my skin. I've never previously come across a body moisturiser that leaves absolutely zero noticeable residue on the skin- there was no stickiness or greasiness, making it ideal for busy ladies.

I personally found the slightly medicinal scent to be pleasant although it may not be to everyone's liking. It's a clean and fresh scent that lingers delicately on the skin following use but isn't overpowering.

As the name suggests, HealGel Body is designed to be healing and this is most evident in the inclusion of a relatively high concentration of arnica within the ingredients. I'm very clumsy and often notice unsightly bruises and nicks on my legs (which I generally have no recollection of getting) so I was keen to see if this would aid healing. Whether it was psychological or not, it's hard to say but I did feel that it boosted the recovery time.

At £39.50 for just 100ml of product, HealGel Body is undeniably expensive and I'd find it difficult to justify a repurchase. However, it is unlike anything else I've come across so I could be tempted- particularly before occasions such as summer which require baring my legs.

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