Friday 7 November 2014

Speed Review: Radox Cherry Blast Shower Gel

I don't usually opt for cheaper shower gels but I recently picked up the Radox Cherry Blast Shower Gel on a whim when it was on offer for just £1 in Boots. The bright, bold packaging stood out to me on the shop shelf and whilst it's by no means luxurious, it is functional with a flip top dispenser on the base.

The gel itself is a rather alarming red colour. As it is high in SLS, it can be worked into a relatively generous lather. However, the downside is that I found it to be drying on my skin and I needed to take extra care to moisturise following use.

There's nothing wrong with this shower gel- it's perfectly fine and does the job but I won't be repurchasing. Personally, I prefer to inject a little luxury into the otherwise mundane task of my daily shower so I'll be sticking to higher end brands in future.

Along with cherry blast, there's also berry burst & coconut kiss options.


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